Monday, April 09, 2007


Sadly it's been confirmed on the CCAA website that they only matched 2 days of Log In Dates in this most recent batch of referrals.

I'm not often speechless but today...yes. My new guesstimation of travel time to meet sweet Hannah? Hopefully sometime before I retire! :o)

Once again trusting and leaning on Jesus. And...allowing Him to collect my tears tonight because they're very, very real.

(((hugs))) to all my friends who are waiting. Especailly 'mystery mom' whom we were so sure would have been included in this batch of referrals.


  1. Oh my!!

    I just got home from my holidays and I wasn't near the computer the whole trip.

    I figured I'd come home to some concrete news about this months refferrals and since I KNEW you would have the TRUTH posted, I came here FIRST!!!

    Now I'm just SHOCKED!!! TRULY....ONLY 2 DAYS worth????!!!!!

    I think I need to go back on holidays!!

    Crying with you and praying for you too!

    Love Dawn

  2. Unbelievable, almost. It's really bad...and I don't think I've been this discouraged in the entire wait.

  3. That's so discouraging for so many waiting! I don't have any words that will make it any easier to take. Just know that I am here if you need to vent!

  4. Yuck is all that comes to mind with this month's referrals. Like you I just don't know what to say and the tears won't stop.

    I think we may have to get some retail therapy. I'll meet you at the mall.

    (((Hugs))) Lisa

  5. Its so hard to have faith, when what we can physically see, isn't very promising! Thanks for your positive words... has pulled me out of my grumpy slump!

  6. It suckity suck sucks!!!

    Hangin' in wit ya!

    Keep smilin!

  7. I am not even waiting and I cried so I can't imagine how all of you who are feel. Praying that next month is waaay better. So sorry,

  8. I'm so sorry that the wait has increased so dramatically. This is a like a bad dream that you never wake up from.

  9. Hi there,
    Don't give into despair. I know God has a plan for all of us waiting. I have a November 2005 LID; so I thought my husband would get to see our daughters face on father's day. Alas, this is now unlikely...However, I trust that God knows 'when' will be the right time for us to see our daughters. I am not a patient person, but if this wait does not help me with that, then who knows what will.
    Hang in there. The power of prayer can change the world. Look what he has done for little Brea...Miracles do happen everyday when we pray.....

  10. Yup I think everyone is pretty much in shock over this one. Is this a record? Have they ever done just one day? Please don't answere that ! I don't REALLY want to know.
    Praying along with you.

  11. I actually heard this on Good Friday and it put a huge damper on my whole weekend - I actually can't even believe that it is true. I don't even comprehend how they can only match 2 days worth in a whole month and they didn't process any files in waiting?? I have no words...7 months ago we thought we would be waiting up to 12 months and it is has gone to 24-27 months and now who knows??? All we can do is pray for better news next month but it is very discouraging!!!

  12. Hi Catherine,
    We too have a March LID....I keep thinking, hoping and praying that once we get past May 1 (w/the new rules in place) that things will speed up. At 2 days a month....our referrals would be years from now! Here is hoping for a lightning speed change! This is so different than our 5 1/2 month referral for Sophie in 2004! Hang in there! Soon this will all be a distant memory!


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