Sunday, April 22, 2007


Phew...It sure did take a long time to get here but finally spring has arrived! Ahhh...warmer days, cool rather than cold nights, birdies (not in my vent!) and buds on trees. Oh yah....can you hear the smile in my voice?

This weekend is another one to be celebrated because my niece and I spent it together. Errr...rather....she and her friend Victoria spent it together and I played hostess.

Friday night Sharon and I took the girls to see a local high school's production of 'The Wizard of Oz.' They did great! It was extra special as Sharon's nephew was playing keyboard for the musical and did an amazing job! Way to go Chris!!

Saturday morning Rebecca and I headed to a local public school and watched Victoria compete in a judo competition. She won gold in her division! Way to go Tor!

Later Saturday afternoon my mom and I took the girls to see 'Meet the Robinsons'. We all really enjoyed it. It's about adoption and I believe it gives a positive spin. I'm thinking it's not for the very young but for older kids is great! I was curious to see what questions the girls might have as they are very interested in Hannah's adoption but surprisingly it didn't raise any questions. We talked about the movie but they didn't question any of the adoption issues.

After the movie it was still bright and sunny so we headed to a local park to spend an hour of fun. I enjoyed my book (when I wasn't pushing the girls on the swings) and they ran and ran...and ran around. Yup...Auntie Cathy was working on tiring them out before bed.

After supper we watched a little TV then called it a night. Surprisingly they were asleep by 10:30 which for a sleepover night is early. Yeah for the park!

We had a great weekend together and I look forward to our next one...after I recuperate! ;o)


  1. What a way to welcome Spring! Sounds like a wonderful time spent with some great gals!

    Keep smilin!

  2. Happy Spring!

    What a great weekend with the girls. Yeah Victoria on the winning the gold!

  3. I am loving the 'spring has sprung' gig!

    Looks like you enjoyed your weekend in a great way :0)

  4. Glad the warmer weather has made it your way...sounds like you had a fantastic weekend!


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