Thursday, April 05, 2007

All is Well...

...just busy! I feel like I've neglected my bloggy friends this past week but life is just a bit busier than normal right now. It will slow down again shortly and I'll post as soon as I can. Hopefully in the next couple of days. Have been trying to keep up on blog reading, just sadly lacking in posting.

Thanks so much for those who have checked in. I'm doing great...just a little short of having enough hours in the day/night to do all I want and squeeze in a little sleep too.

Will be back soon...very soon. I miss you all too much to leave for long.


  1. I hear ya! Don't wear yourself out!!!

  2. I can relate. Never fear, we'll be here when you get back!

  3. I keep looking for the space time continuum that will allow me to have extra hours in the day!

    Good to hear from you and don`t overdo it.

    Keep smilin!

  4. I feel the same way!!! Dont work too hard and look forward to having you back in the blogging world!! Hope you have a great weekend!!

  5. Me too. Guess it's good that we're keeping busy during this wait. Makes it go by faster!

  6. Don't over do it!! Enjoy your long weekend - hopefully you have time to catch up!

  7. I agree... I wear myself out around this time of the year... this is my busy, busy time at work... remember to stop and smell the flowers...

  8. I feel the same way Catherine - glad I'm not the only one. Life is soooo busy - good to hear from you though. :)



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