Sunday, October 07, 2012

12th Annual Apple Picking Adventure

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 12 years that we’ve enjoyed this event together!  The very first time I ventured into the apple orchard with 2 little ones in tow Victoria was 2 and Rebecca was 1.  Ever since then it’s been an annual tradition and Hannah loves it too.  The older girls begin checking their calendars early in August to ensure we find a weekend that works for all of us.

After riding the wagon back to the orchards the girls humoured me with our annual ‘walking through the apple orchard’ picture.  This one was for Mommy.DSC_0335

This was the one Hannah preferred!DSC_0341

I had heard that our warmer than usual spring had played havoc with the apple orchards and that there were not as many apples but the trees were heavy with them.  DSC_0423


While the girls picked the apples I captured some pictures of my beautiful daughter and nieces.DSC_0343

Rebecca DSC_0375



I cannot tell you how thankful I am for the beautiful friendship that these girls share.  Truly their friendship is a gift from God.DSC_0369

The love of my life and me.DSC_0420

Can you hear her saying, ‘I do it myself!’ DSC_0425

Once our bag was full to overflowing we enjoyed a few yummy apples.  DSC_0404




Another fun apple picking adventure it behind us and we’ve already talked about how much fun we’ll have next year.  Oh how I love these girls!DSC_0444



  1. I enjoy seeing your apple orchard photos each year, Catherine, and this year you got some especially beautiful shots! Looks like all you ladies had a PERFECT day!

  2. I love traditions like these! How fun. What a beautiful day.

  3. Catherine, can you email me the location of this apple orchard. A friend of mine wants to take her daughter apple picking, but all the places close to us have closed already.


    Great pics!


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