Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Somewhere Between–Showing in Ontario Wed night

I have heard this is a not-to-be-missed documentary so I’m excited that it is going to be playing on an Ontario TV station tomorrow.

The movie is ‘Somewhere Between’ and the description on the TV website is this:

SOMEWHERE BETWEEN tells the intimate stories of four teenaged girls. They live in different parts of the US, in different kinds of families and are united by one thing: all four were adopted from China, because all four had birth parents who could not keep them, due to personal circumstances colliding with China's 'One Child Policy'. These strong young women allow us to grasp what it is like to come-of-age in today's America as trans-racial adoptees. At the same time, we see them as typical American teenagers doing what teenagers everywhere do...struggling to make sense of their lives. Through these young women, and their explorations of who they are, we ourselves pause to consider who we are-both as individuals and as a nation of immigrants. Identity, racism, and gender...these far-reaching issues are explored in the documentary. And with great honesty and courage, these four girls open their hearts to experience love, compassion, and self-acceptance. What's it like to grow up as a minority today - and what is it like when your family is part of the majority? How does the changing face of the North American family affect us all? How do we fulfill our own destinies? Four determined teenaged girls help us find those answers in SOMEWHERE BETWEEN.

If you live in Ontario you might want to catch this movie Wednesday night at 9pm on TVO. I’ll be watching and recording it for sure!


  1. Thanks a million! My own daughter was adopted around the same time as these girls, so we're very excited to watch it together.

  2. Catherine, do you know if this will be coming out on DVD in the future? I would love to see this and have a copy. It would be great for the whole family to see - three birth children and three adopted (one from South Korea and two from China)! Thanks for sharing!
    Anne in AZ

    1. Hi Anne, I have heard that it will be but don't have any if the details. The link above is to the movie site and they might be able to let you know. Hope this helps.

  3. Damn! I missed it. One of the problems with extended mat leave is that you never know what day it is! I would really have loved to see it!


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