Monday, October 29, 2012

China Travel Group Reunion

Last weekend Hannah and I plus my Mom and Dad were excited to get together with some of the families that we travelled to China with in 2009.  These families hold a special place in my heart as we shared the most amazing, life changing time together as we became parents together in Changsha, China.  We walked into a room with arms aching to hold our daughters and minutes later those arms held our daughters!  I am forever grateful that I had these families  to share that experience and many others with as we spent over 2 weeks together in China.

This year we saw huge changes in our girls as they’d changed from playing independently beside one another to playing with one another.  It was so neat to see!  DSC_0640

Although all the girls are from Changsha, only one other little China sister, Emma was in DaoXian with Hannah.DSC_0670

At one point I popped upstairs and asked the girls if they knew any songs and this was what happened.  Precious!!!

A second sweet video can be viewed here.  My favourite song of the evening happened when I couldn’t get to my video camera.  Sad smile  Our precious daughters born in China stood together and sang, ‘Oh Canada.’  I shed a tear or two and I’m pretty sure I wasn’t the only one who did.

This year we were finally able to get a group picture!  Phew!  The past 2 years when we attempted this it was a bit like herding cats!


2011 (slightly more successful as the girls were 2 and 3 years old)IMG_2893

2012 – Ah, now that’s better!DSC_0610

Hannah’s China sisters – then and now.





Imported Photos 00022DSC_0589



Imported Photos 00023DSC_0596



Imported Photos 00027DSC_0591



Imported Photos 00063 - CopyDSC_0641



Imported Photos 00010DSC_0642

It was wonderful sharing time with these friends and as we watched our girls together we realized the friendships forming between them is very important.  We’re hoping to get together more often in coming years in order to foster their friendships.  Such sweet little girls.  We are all SO BLESSED!!!



  1. So sweet! Xanthe comes from the YiYang orphanage in Changsha. Did any of your girls come from there? I love getting together with our friends from our trip and from the adoption community here. Xanthe calls her friends "my China girls." The older they get, the more important and special those bonds will be. When they need each other later, I don't want them to be strangers to one another!

  2. So fun! Great connections to keep up with. Hannah and the girls will always cherish the friendships they have - especially as they get older.

  3. Hannah and her China sisters are all just beautiful! I love seeing their before and now photos!


  4. Aww, and there's my little sweetie having a fight with Adam, in the middle of the sing-a-long. :) Great pics Catherine!



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