Wednesday, August 03, 2011

A Moment in Time: Too Loud!!!

A few months ago I discovered the wonderful world of smoothies!  Since then I have enjoyed a smoothie almost every morning for breakfast.

Hannah and I have our morning routine down pat.  Wake up, get ready, she eats breakfast while I make my lunch and then as we’re getting ready to go to the car I put a smoothie together.  There are some days when she eats part of her yogurt and they she asks me to put the rest in the smoothie.  Too cute! 

Once all the ingredients together I’ll call out, ‘Are you ready?’ And she quickly covers her ears as I turn on the blender and calls out, ‘TOO LOUD!!!’DSC_8723


Once she’s safely buckled into her car seat and we’re ready to go I bring out the completed smoothie and the cutest little taste tester in the world gives me her opinion on that’s days creation.IMG_1172

I love this cute little morning tradition that we share together each day!


  1. Great idea for busy mornings. You're an innovator!


  2. The little traditions are what make each day special.


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