Thursday, August 11, 2011

My ‘Go With the Flow’ Toddler!

Today there was a pretty big change in Hannah’s little life but she just went with it and was amazing!!IMG_1485

Hannah’s awesome daycare provider Ange is due to have a baby any minute (literally any minute) so for the next couple of weeks Hannah is going to be going to daycare at a friend’s place.  I’ve known Bonnie since she was just a kid herself and now she’s watching my kiddo! 

I’ve known this change has been coming for a number of months but for Hannah this is all new.  We went for a visit at Bonnie’s place last Friday night and had fun hanging out with her and her kiddos.  Hannah was a teeny bit shy at first but within minutes she was playing with Bonnie’s kids, running around and just having fun with her new friends. 

Last night we hosted an impromptu dinner for Ange and her family (if you can call hot dogs, salad and cheezies ‘dinner.’ :o)  It was a beautiful evening and we enjoyed the fresh air while eating out on the deck.  We weren’t sure if Ange was in the early stages of labour last night when I picked up Hannah so rather than have her cook we invited them over.  I love spontaneity and we all had a great time together!IMG_1481

After supper the ‘baby’ felt like ice cream so we all ventured to a local ice cream parlour.   Hey….who am I to deny a baby his ice cream before his big job of being born?  IMG_1482

It was a wonderful way to spend an evening together with friends!  We’re going to miss you over the next month Ange and family but wish you all the best and cannot wait to meet your newest addition!!

On a side note, this pic just made me laugh!!IMG_1483

Take one toddler who wants to show her friends of her toys and 2 boys who are excited to see them and this is what can happen in a very short matter of time!  A good time was had by all though and truly, that’s all that matters!

So, back to today.

When I was getting Hannah dressed she mentioned wanting to go and play with Owen and Noey but I said that today she was going to Bonnie’s to play with her cousin Makenna.  She wasn’t too impressed at first and there were a few tears as she asked to go to Ange’s but over breakfast she processed things and was soon saying, ‘I go Bonnie’s house with Kenna!’  (This pic is of Hannah and Makenna with my niece Rebecca/Bec Bec when we were at my parent’s place a week ago.)IMG_1423

When we arrived at Bonnie’s I let Hannah out of the car and she happily began to walk (read: jump, skip, hop….Hannah doesn’t care much to ‘walk’!)to the front porch.  I managed to bring her back for a moment to snap the top pic above.  From there we moved into the house where she removed her shoes and was off!  Running and playing with the other kids and barely found time to come back for a hug and kiss goodbye.  When she did I snuggled her close and in a happy voice said, ‘I love you Shao Shao!  Mommy’s is going to work but will be back soon!’  She was happy which in turn made this transition much easier on Mommy too!

I went to the car without any tears (for me…she was fine!)….until I began to drive away and saw my precious baby girl standing at the front door and happily waving bye-bye to me.  The tears threatened but didn’t spill over.  God had answered the prayers we’d uttered on the way to Bonnie’s house and granted Hannah an easy transition.  God is SO GOOD!!

I did my best and didn’t call until about 3:00.  Bonnie said she was ‘awesome’ and they were having a great time together!  So happy!!  She said the only tears she’d seen were a few when she’d put her down for her nap but she soon drifted off to sleep and slept for an hour and a half. 

I picked her up shortly after 5:00 and she had a craft to show me and told me about their trip to the park.  I mentioned at the time that she’d be coming back tomorrow and she said yes with a smile on her face!

Bonnie, thanks for all your help with Hannah!  I know she’s going to love being in your home for these few weeks and I in turn car focus on work knowing that my sweet, amazing, precious little girl is being so well cared for!


  1. ok....that arial shot of the play room is hysterical. It looks like a hurricane blew through and left massive destruction. Honestly, how do such small adorable creatures create such havoc??? I guess if you measure the amount of fun by the severity of the mess....well.....they had a great time!


  2. I'm glad Hannah had an easy transition to Bonnie's place. But she's such a trooper I'm not surprised.

  3. This is such a testament to you as a mother. She believes that you keep her safe and that you will return. Awesome!


  4. It looks like a tornado decended on your house that night.


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