Monday, August 29, 2011

*Disney Trip 2011, Day 3: Epcot, Day 1, Part II

(Monday, August 29, 2011 Catch-up post)
After dining with the princesses we set off for a day of fun at Epcot! We rode Maelstrom in Norway and made our way to Mexico where we did what every good tourist does....tried on sombreros! IMG_1668
After a quick visit with Duffy the Bear IMG_1682we could tell a storm was brewin’ so we did what every other family with young kiddos did at Epcot, we headed to the Character Spot! The wait was about 45 mins. but the girls were awesome and we had fun while we waited. Nana decided to brave the weather, cover up IMG_1683and head across the hub and visit the souvenir store. She returned in time to see the characters with us. By this time we had another 'character' on our hands as it was well past Hannah's nap time and when she gets tired she gets hyper and SILLY!  This picture makes me giggle as Mickey was literally holding Hannah still so that we could take pics!  She wasn’t bad, just in a fun, silly mood!  Check out that grin!!Photo0103FourBySix
Hannah has a real affection for Pluto, sleeping with her stuffed Pluto held in her arms each night.  She was excited to meet him in the fur!  The photographer and I were teasing that we want her batteries!  You can see here why I often say that Hannah has 2 speeds….Fast forward and Sleep.

Jumping with excitement to meet Minnie Mouse!

LOL!  Waiting to meet Donald.  As you can guess Hannah made quite an impression while we waited.  (More about that later.)IMG_1693
Acting Goofy with Goofy!Photo0187FourBySix
After we left the Character Spot we were surprised to see Chip and Dale just outside the doors!  Here Hannah shows Chip just how happy she was to see him!IMG_1699
Minutes after this pictures was taken Hannah was sound asleep!  We took advantage of the time as Bec Bec and Nana rode Soarin’ and then I rode it after them.  It’s by far my favourite ride at Epcot and at the rate Hannah is growing she might even be tall enough to ride it by next summer’s trip.  That would be amazing and I’m pretty confident my little climbing monkey would love it!
I have one more post to do to wrap up this day.  Coming soon…

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE the first picture of Hannah in the big hat! LOVE IT!


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