Thursday, August 04, 2011

Cottage Fun 2011!

A few weeks back Hannah and I hopped into the car with my niece Rebecca and Auntie Joy and headed north to visit Grandma and Grandpa where they were renting a cottage north of Toronto.  They go to this cottage each year and we love going to visit!

Hannah started partying right away!IMG_1069

Bright and early the next morning we were up and outdoors.  IMG_1075

First boat ride of the season. Is it just me or does she look really different in this pic with her hair parted by the wind on the opposite side to normal and her bangs gone?  Funny!IMG_1077

We went to chapel Friday morning and Hannah had a blast with her cousin Makenna at the kid’s program.  Yay Hannah!  Not a tear and she was happy to show me the picture she’d coloured.IMG_1079

There is just 4 1/2 months difference in age between Hannah and Makenna and the two of them have such a great time together!  When we’re at home Hannah can often be heard to say, ‘One for me.  One for Kenna!’  Whenever she has 2 of something the extra one is for her cousin.IMG_1081


Gazing out at the beautiful water.IMG_1085

There is no better place to nap than on the boatIMG_1087

and cousin Noah felt the same way.IMG_1090

Captain GrandpaIMG_1089

‘Tubing’ with Bec Bec

Unfortunately my camera battery died half way through the weekend so these are all the pics I have.  Oh well, it’s fun to capture at least some of our fun together!

Ahhhh…Beautiful scenery and yet all I can see is my precious baby girl.  Oh how I love you Hannah XiaoFen!IMG_1084


  1. Oh my, it looks HEAVENLY up there.


  2. Great photos! Looks like you guys are having a wonderful time!


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