Saturday, August 27, 2011

Mickey, Here We Come!!!

I booked this trip last November not even sure it would happen and now it’s here and we’re ready to go!!  Mickey is ready for us and he even sent Hannah a post card this week telling her how excited he is about her upcoming visit!  She was pretty excited and that little post card has gone with us everywhere since then.
DSC_8861 DSC_8866

We’re packed and ready to leave bright and early in the morning.  IMG_1568 By the time this post comes up we’ll be on the road.  Today is a day of travel and tomorrow will be our first day in the parks.  Disney’s Hollywood Studios is on the schedule and I’m excited for Bec and Sharon to try out Toy Story Midway Mania.  It’s new since we were there together back in January of 2008.

When we go to Disney, part of the fun is the prep that goes into it.   I seem to pack everything but the kitchen sink but in the long run it makes a Disney more enjoyable.   Some of the tips I’ve learned from others about things to pack that are a little out of the norm are:

IMG_1566 Dish soap soaked sponges that have been left to dry.  Great for cleaning refillable mugs, sippy cups and more.  On a similar line I was also able to find some disposable sheets of laundry detergent.  I’m hoping to avoid laundry but should the need arise we’ll be ready.

A couple of times Rebecca and I were there at Christmas time and we decorated our resort room window with Christmas lights and posters.  This year we’re trying something new with these little ribbons decorated with colourful Mickey Mouse heads courtesy of the paint chips at Home Depot. IMG_1565

I also have little cards ready that list the park we’ll be attending each day, park hours, show and parade times as well as any dining reservations we might have that day.  It’s nice to have everything in the same place so that at a glance we can see what’s happening that day.IMG_1564

The final thing is something I hope the others enjoy.  I found someone on Etsy who makes personalized iron-on patches so I ordered them for the 4 of us.  I’m hoping one day we’ll have fun wearing these matching t-shirts.  Heh, Disney brings out the kid in all of us!DSC_8869

And so, we’re off!  I won’t have Internet while at Disney so won’t be posting for a  little over a week while we’re away. 

This trip is a dream come true!  A dream I’ve had since I first began Hannah’s adoption back in 2005.  A Disney trip with my amazing little girl!!  Hannah is well aware that we’re going to ‘Mickey’s House’ tomorrow and while she may not fully understand what that means, I have a feeling she just might be dreaming sweet dreams of Mickey too!IMG_1567

PS – Happy 2 1/2 yo birthday Hannah XiaoFen!!  For your 2nd Birthday we celebrated with a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme and for your 2 1/2 birthday we’ll be with Mickey himself!  Fun!!!  Cannot wait to celebrate this special day with you my sweetie.  I can’t believe you’re 2 1/2 already!  Slow down my love.  Life seems to be flying by at lightening speed.  I’m so thankful for the next 9 days of being with you without the distractions of normal every day life and work.  9 days of fun with family is the best!


  1. Have a great time! Say hi to Mickey for me.

  2. Hope you are not affected by the storm and facing heavy rain everyday in FL.

  3. We head down on Tuesday!! I hope you have a GREAT vacation!

  4. Wow, Catherine, when I go to Disney World, I want to bring YOU along! I know you're going to have a WONDERFUL trip!

  5. Safe travels and have a magical trip!!!

    Keep smilin!

  6. Wishing you all a terrific time at Disney! :)

  7. Have a great time - though I don't even have to say that because I know you will!


  8. I am sooooooo jealous!! Cant wait to hear about the adventures!!!


  9. Jealous! And, man, you are prepared! I wouldn't have thought of most of those things.

    Love the shirts! They are darling. Have a great time.

  10. I can't wait to read about your travels once you are back! I will have to live vicariously through you until my trip next summer (but I do agree with you--planning is half the fun).
    I hope Hannah has a lot of fun in Mickey's world and that you have just as much watching her enjoy a world you do.
    I know my niece can't wait to go to her house (cinderella's castle) and keeps asking when she turns four. Since we told her it will be after she turns four. Unfortunately that means about another 9 months of asking if she's still only three ;)
    Have fun--love the shirts!!

  11. Have a blast and enjoy each moment you've dreamed of !! Happy 2.5 Hannah!

  12. YAAAA Mickey! You will have such a wonderful time!!! Some of my fondest childhood memories are at Disneyland! cant wait to see the pics!

  13. Oh my but time has flown! Isn't she the cutest little two 1/2 year old! Ejoy your visit with Mickey!

  14. I love your Disney prep ideas. Have a great time.


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