Tuesday, December 14, 2010

So Happy with our Christmas Tree Decision

Hannah has been having an absolute blast with our Christmas tree!  Making it a kid friendly tree this year has been a great decision for us as she has spent literally hours playing with it.  I had years and years of having that ‘perfect little tree’ in my home and now I love that it looks like a variation of this every single day!


Hannah has been battling a nasty cold for the past week or so so much of our weekend was spent hanging out at home.  This time together gave us lots of time for stories, playing with her little Fisher-Price nativity set and the tree.  Most of her toys remained untouched but the tree – not so much!   DSC_6088





Another fun thing that happened this weekend was that somewhere along the way we started a new game.  Hannah thinks that if she blows on the tree the lights come on.  So cute!  This morning as I was packing my lunch I heard, ‘Mama?’ and looked over to see her blowing on the tree for the lights to come on.  I quickly plugged them in and her face lit up almost as much as the tree did.  I was able to capture our little game earlier tonight.


  1. She gets more beautiful every day!!
    Much love to you both!
    Miss Lila

  2. Such wonderful photos!! Hannah certainly seems to be loving her Christmas tree. I love how much joy you get from your precious girl.

    Happy holidays to you both!

  3. I'm glad you are having fun watching Hannah have a ball with the tree. :)
    The lights...just precious.

  4. I love the blowing on the tree for the lights to come on!!

    That last picture is beautiful!!

  5. Adorable; I especially love the one with the mitts on! I grew up in a house with 10 siblings and there is nothing more perfect than when things are not quite perfect. She's a great decorator!



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