Saturday, December 11, 2010

Decorating(??) Our Christmas Tree

This year our Christmas tree is one created for fun and entertainment for a delightful 21 month old!  I decided about a month ago that I would forego most of my regular decorations and change it up for unbreakable Christmas balls, bells, bows and beads.  DSC_6046

When we’re at other people’s homes Hannah is taught not to touch their trees but ours is fully hers to decorate and re-decorate as she pleases.  The funny thing about that statement is that she spent far more time un-decorating our tree the night we put it up then actually putting decorations on the tree.  I put a few things on and she preferred to take them off.  I was quickly thankful that I’d chosen unbreakable balls as she tested their bounce quality within moments of them being hung on the tree.

The few decorations that did make it on were as expected, placed on one little branch.  I would show you a pic but they were quickly removed when above bounce quality was checked.

I put a few strands of pearls on first but there were many more left in the box.  Hannah quickly found them and they became a wonderful accessory.  You can see why Hannah is such good friends with Ro and Ree as over accessorizing is not in her vocabulary!   What is in her vocabulary right now is ‘No!’  Oh well, it’s just a stage, and a harmless one at that, and it will pass.  For now I hear ‘no’ to every question I ask although more and more often now it’s followed by ‘yes’ after she thinks about the question for a couple of seconds.  I wonder how many ‘no’s’ are captured in the videos just in this post?  I know I loose track on a daily basis.  :o)DSC_6056

Time for the bows and bells


The finishing touch.  Placing the angel on top of the tree.

A couple of my favourite decorations on our treeDSC_6075

Hannah made this cute little snowman at daycare.


Merry Christmas everyone!!



  1. Love the videos.
    OMWord hannah is just so lovely, I love her tiny little voice, especially her "no's".
    Merry Christmas Hannah and Mama.

  2. Pure sweetness! Jenny and I just watched the videos and Jenny kept smiling and blowing kisses. Enjoy every moment of this truly blessed season!!

  3. marry xmas from hong kong :) Hannah is a cutie and you are a wonderful mother~

  4. I am partial to pearls myself :-) She looks great in them!


  5. You are such a good Mommy to give her a safe Christmas! She is adorable and so active! Enjoy!

    Alyzabeth's Mommy

  6. look at those rosy red cheeks! Must be chilly outside! I love that you chose unbreakable ornaments and allow her to decorate/redecorate. I'll keep that in mind for the future :)

  7. I also love the idea of a tree with bouncable decorations. It sounds like more fun for everyone. Cute pictures!

  8. Beautiful and so fun!
    How do we not have huge strings of pearls for our tree??? Must remedy immediately.


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