Sunday, December 12, 2010

She Makes Me Laugh Every Single Day!!

Tonight as I was getting ready for bed Hannah was hanging out on our bed.  Seeing that she was practicing huge jumps across it and flopping on her tummy when she landed, visions of Christmas stitches were flashing through Mama’s head.  She was getting dangerously close to the footboard and headboard so I placed her on the floor for a moment. 

My independent Miss didn’t want to be on the floor so took matters into her own hands.  This is a recreation of what I saw and it made me laugh so hard!!

and another

Is there any question why we’re beginning gymnastics in the new year?


  1. Yes, she is ready for lessons and more fun! You do have a climbing monkey on your hands!

    Alyzabeth's Mommy

  2. I see an Olympic gymnast in your future!

  3. haha! Cute =) She's talking a lot more now I see =)

  4. Wow that's amazing! Just wait 'til she gets on the rings...

  5. Hehehe! I see similar antics here a lot. Future gymnasts for sure.


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