Friday, December 24, 2010

Mama’s Favourite Christmas Book

If you’ve been here for any amount of time you’ve noticed that my sweet daughter loves to be on the move.  Climbing, jumping and running are a part of her daily life and she loves to move, move, move.  Because of this, story time is pretty limited.  There are certain times of the day that she’ll sit to read but unfortunately when I tried to record this little video it was close to bedtime and that means her energy was peaked.  I used to misinterpret her energy and think that she wasn’t tired but in reality she has more and more energy, the more tired she gets.  She goes, goes, goes and then crashes when I give her her bedtime bottle and then normally sleeps for 10-11 hours.  I tease that she has 2 speeds:  Fast forward and Sleep!

The book that we were reading together in this video is called, ‘The Very First Christmas’ and is put out by Hallmark.DSC_6243   The reason I like this book so much is that not only is it the story of Jesus’ birth but it is a recordable book where you record voices reading the story.  This book has 7 pages in it which is perfect for us.  In the order of reading are:  Grandma (my Mom), Grandpa (my Dad), Nana (friend Sharon), Papa (friend Larry), Great-Grandma (GG) Dale and Great-Grandpa (GG) Dale (Sharon’s parents) and Mama (me!) 

The other neat thing about this recording is that there are numerous places where you can hear Hannah’s sweet little voice in the background.  Unfortunately she took a little tumble when GG was reading his page and you can hear her cry but it fit the story well so we decided to leave it in.  Each time we get to that page she looks at me as it to ask if it’s baby Jesus that is crying?

This book is a treasure now and will be for years to come too!

A couple of pics when we were recording it.

GG and NanaDSC_6193

GG and MamaDSC_6195

The finished product. 

A treasure for years to come…


  1. Yes, she does seem to have two speeds-moving and not :-)

    Merry Christmas,

  2. I've been checking in on your blog for a while. I've finally come home with my own sweet girl and she seems to have the same speeds as Hannah! Merry merry christmas!

  3. LOVE the story and how you were able to record all of the most special people in Hannah's life reading it to her. A keepsake for sure. She is such a sweet baby!! God Bless,
    Michele and Emily and Alyssa


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