Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Wonderful Christmas Morning!

Hannah and I shared a great Christmas day together filled with family and friends.  The day began quietly at home with just the two of us reading the Christmas story together and then excitedly checking out what Santa had brought.

This package contained a ‘Shaoey and Dot: The Christmas Miracle’ book written by Steven Curtis Chapman.  I just found out that SCC is coming to the Toronto area in March and excitedly bought myself a little Christmas present – a ticket for Hannah and I to go.  SCC and his wife have adopted 3 precious little ones from China and his concerts often have a time dedicated to families touched by adoption so I’m really looking forward to going with Hannah.  Here’s my sweetie in her new Christmas jammies opening her book.DSC_6296

Santa also tucked in a new headband and some pretty bracelets too.  All were tried on just to make sure they fit just right!  She put her headband on herself – can you tell?  :o)  I was actually pretty impressed with her headband wearing as she has never worn one but immediately upon finding it in her stocking she knew exactly what to do with it.DSC_6307

Hannah also unwrapped some fun Disney characters to play with and a cash register with cool buttons to push and a bell to ring.DSC_6311

No stocking would be complete without chocolate so once we found them we quickly indulged in some early morning
chocolate treats.  Mmm!


The day had begun and there was much fun still in front of us so we bundled up and headed to our friend’s place for a yummy Christmas breakfast.  More to come……


  1. What a sweetie! It never ceases to amaze me how little girls just seem to *know* what to do with girly stuff!
    Thanks for sharing your Christmas morning!


  2. A fabulous Christmas morning spent with your precious little one...

    Maelyn wore the same pyjamas for Christmas -- too cute! :)

  3. A great way to start the day! I love her jammies.

  4. She is already smarter than Arielle in the Little Mermaid, isn't she?


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