Monday, November 01, 2010

My Sweet Little Strawberry

Last night Hannah had her first Trick or Treat experience and she had lots of fun!  I’m not convinced that she knew what people were putting into her bag; she just enjoyed going from house to house, climbing up the big steps, jumping down them as we left each one and talking to the people who answered the door.  She was beyond adorable in her little strawberry costume and I lost track of the number of people who called other family members to the door to see the adorable little strawberry!  True to form she waved and called out ‘Bye’ as we left each house.

Earlier in the day we had lunch at Nana and Papa’s where she surprised them by putting on her costume after lunch.  They thought she looked adorable and judging by her looks in the mirror I think she was pretty pleased with herself too!







We went Trick or Treating with her cousins at Uncle Dave and Aunt Trish’s house.  Here she is with Pirate Noah.


Cousin Makenna made an adorable ladybug.DSC_5607

Hannah and the boys – Justin (top), Josh (left) and Noah.DSC_5610

Jumping strawberry!

Hannah and her stash after we got home. DSC_5620 Considering her total candy intake today has been 5 little M&M’s I’m guessing the majority of this will head to work with mommy to share with others there. 

What fun it was to go out with my little strawberry!  I’m not a huge fan of Halloween and will say that it will probably be a year to year decision as to how we will/will not participate but for this year it was wonderful to dress my sweetie up in a cute little costume and enjoy and evening out with her as she made other people smile, just like she does to me every single day!


  1. I LOVE strawberries and this one is no exception. I could just eat her right up! So cute! I'm with you on the whole "not really being a huge fan of halloween" but we keep it pretty innocent and low key around here and the kids have fun. Looks like you and Hannah had fun too.


  2. That is quite the loot that she got!! She is adorable as always!! Looks like a great evening for all!

  3. She is the CUTEST strawberry around! I would love to sprinkle a little sugar on her and eat her up. :)

  4. What a sweet strawberry!! I love the costume!

    Keep smilin!

  5. What a great costume! She looks so cozy in her costume.


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