Sunday, November 07, 2010

Ahhhh….Rest and Relaxation with the Grandparents

We arrived safely at The Villages in Florida yesterday afternoon after 2 good flights.  Hannah played during the first flight and slept through the second one.  We drove to my parent’s place and Hannah was surprised and excited to see Grandma and Grandpa as she had no concept of where we were going.  I also realized that this is really the first time she’s seen Grandma and Grandpa (left side in the pic below) plus Nana and Papa all together.  She knows each of them separately but is having a blast with all of us together! DSC_5665

Here she’s checking out Grandma and Grandpa’s bed.  DSC_5663 A bit of a funny story.  When we were looking for a house to rent this year we wanted one for the 6 of us to share this week together.  It was planned that Hannah and I would have the pull-out couch in the living room only to find out that the ad said is ‘slept 6’ which meant 2 bedrooms and a blow up bed for the living room.  Oops!  Mom and Dad were amazingly generous and are sleeping on the bed in the living room and Hannah and I are in the master bedroom in the king sized bed.  I feel bad yet at the same time am thankful as Hannah sleeps in with me and she’s a wiggle worm so sleeping on the smaller bed would mean little sleep as I’d have to ensure she didn’t fall out of bed. 

The sale flyers for the week arrived in Sunday’s paper.  Here Hannah’s checking out the toys and getting ready to make her list for Santa.DSC_5667

Cuddling with Nana while watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  At this point in the evening we were trying anything we could to help her stay awake a little longer as we work through the time change.DSC_5671

Bouncing on my new beach ball. DSC_5673

Day #1 was fun!  Hannah is loving being surrounded by those that she loves and that love her in return.  As she was going to bed tonight I reassured her that tomorrow Grandma and Grandpa, Nana and Papa were still going to be together and she went to bed with a huge smile on her face.  It will be neat to see what adventures we find for tomorrow!DSC_5675


  1. A family vacation all together. It can't get much better than that. Have a blast. I can't wait to see her reaction at WDW.

  2. How fun!!! Can't wait to see more pictures and read about all the fun you're having!

  3. I love the photo of her checking out the ads! Soon enough she will get the ink pen out to start circling the items that she wants!!

  4. So lovely!! How sweet for everyone to get to spend time together! Can't wait for the Disney pics.

    Oh and you are my hero. You are so brave and just grab Hannah and go. You never hold back or don't do anything because you are "scared" or it's "too much hassel to travel alone with a child." I am still having nightmares from your trip to see M3 this past summer and the delays you encountered!!!

    Oh, and when did Hannah turn 15???? That photo of her looking through the flyers is hilarious!


  5. OH WOW!
    How lucky can a girl get?
    ALL four grandparents. LOL
    Can't wait to hear of your adventures EVERYDAY!

    Miss Lila

  6. She looks SO big browsing through the catalogs!!!! My goodness! Can't wait for Magic Kingdom pics!

  7. Great to hear!! Enjoy this long awaited and well deserved vacay with the ones you love.

    Keep smilin!

  8. Happy for you and Hannah to have such a good and loving family, it is wonderful to share time with them all. Hannah looks so happy, and is growing and changing everyday. Hope you all have a blast at WDW with Hannah, please show pics ASAP. We love you Hannah, God is so good.

  9. She is getting so big!

    I have that exact purple outfit for my daughter that was sent to us by a friend. I cant wait till she is big enough to wear it.


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