Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Bloggy Meet-up at Daytona Beach

On Friday, November 12th our family was excited to jump into the van and head to Daytona Beach.  The reason for our trip was to meet with two special bloggy families.  I had met Don and JMei on a few different occasions but I hadn’t seen Alyson and Ford since the day they received their wonderful daughter Alyzabeth’s referral in the summer of 2008.  What a treat it was to see all of them again and to introduce my family to them too.  What a huge treat it was to meet the sweet Alyzabeth An!

We had a wonderful visit together and the time passed all too quickly. We’re heading back to The Villages next November and a Daytona Beach reunion visit is on our wish list for sure!  Here are some pics of the fun we shared together.

The girls getting to know one another.  L to R, JMei, Alyzabeth and HannahDSC_5837

My parents with Sharon and LarryDSC_5834

The big kids colouring while we waited for our lunch to arrive.DSC_5850

Hannah sharing something with her new friendsDSC_5846

Talking purses and jewellery.   DSC_5852

After lunch we headed out to the beach and as much as the adults enjoyed it it was nothing compared to the girls!  They were in their glory!!  As Nana said, ‘It was better than Disney for Hannah!’ and she was so right!  Hannah had so much fun with the big girls and it was fun watching her do her best to keep up with them.


Hannah had fun walking to the water’s edge with whomever caught up with her.  :o)



The area we were playing in was wet and the waves were staying out further but Mama wasn’t taking any chances and I’m sure glad that was the case.  We were surprised by a wave that suddenly came in much further than the others and soaked a number of us an oh how we laughed!!






Dad had the camera running at just the right time and captured the whole thing.  This is a great video!!

Alyson and Alyzabeth


JMei flying in the windDSC_5877



Follow the leader DSC_5911

A wonderful time was had by all!  I am so thankful for the friendship we share and that has now been extended to more of my family too.  We are blessed to have such special friends and look forward to the next time that we are together!


  1. Love the laughter and good times!

    Keep smilin!

  2. Hannah's "jumping" is too cute!

  3. Loved seeing the girls together and the fun on the beach! Yes, next year will be a must, hoping the weather is a little warmer for you!
    Thanks for the videos, of so cute!

    Alyzabeth's Mommy


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