Monday, November 08, 2010

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

Today Hannah and I were happy to share Mom and Dad’s anniversary with them.  It wasn’t quite like last year’s celebration when we found ourselves climbing the Great WallPB082265

but it was still a great day as the 6 of us toured more of ‘The Villages’, did some shopping, enjoyed lunch at Panera Bread (outside….wheee!) and then Hannah was my cuddle monkey when Nana and I went for a pedicure while she watched from the Ergo and snuggled with mom.  I had thought she might nap then but no, there was too much to see and too many people to smile at.

We ended the day with dinner out at one of the country clubs with my Aunt and Uncle.  Normally they live 5 hours away but they’re here this month too so we get to see lots of them which we’re happy about.  DSC_5678

Tomorrow is Disney so it’s time to say goodnight.  Next time I write it will be after our couple of days at the Happiest Place on Earth!!!  I promise to have lots of pics of Hannah enjoying her first Disney experience!


  1. Happy Anniversary to your parents! You guys look like you're having a great time on your trip....I'm off to catch up on your adventures my friend!

  2. We simply can't wait to see your Disney pics.
    Waiting with bated breath,
    Miss Lila & the girls.
    Ilana 7
    Sadie 5

  3. Happy Anniversary to your parents. Give a wave to my patents while you're down there as they live in The Villages. Enjoy Disney.

  4. Happy Anniversary to your parents!!

    Have lots of fun in Disney!!! Cant wait to see pictures!

  5. :) Yes... not quite last year!

    DISNEY? Hooray!!! We're are going to Disneyland next year - I can.not wait!!!


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