Sunday, November 21, 2010

Meeting Mickey and His Friends!

Hands down, Hannah’s favourite TV show is, ‘Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!’  She absolutely adores it and a huge smile crosses her face every single time it starts. When we were at Disney Hannah had an opportunity to meet the real Mickey Mouse as well as his clubhouse friends. 

As we waited in line to meet the characters Hannah could see Mickey.  As soon as we were at the front of the line she wiggled and wiggled and said, ‘wal’ (walk) until I put her down.  She walked up to Mickey by herself and stood looking up at him with a look that appeared to say, ‘Wow!  It’s really him!’DSC_5797

I love how she has her little hands crossed casually in front of her.  Ah yes, she was standing with her friend.DSC_5795b

After meeting Mickey on her own she asked to be picked up and was happiest meeting the rest of the gang with Mama.  Posing with Pluto


Checking Minnie out over her shoulderDSC_5802

and saying good-bye with a ‘high 5.’  She gave most of the characters ‘high 5’s’ as we left them.DSC_5803

Watching Donald sign her autograph albumDSC_5805

Hanging with GoofyDSC_5811b

Goofy is one of Hannah’s favourite characters on MMCH and she smiles when she see’s him.  A couple of month’s back she began to giggle while watching the show and when I looked up I noticed that it was Goofy she was giggling at.  I was able to capture some of these giggles last week.  Is there anything sweeter than a baby’s laugh?

I’m so thankful that there is such a great show for Hannah to watch that she enjoys and where she learns so much too.  Tonight she was singing along with a song she’s heard on her DVD in the car.  I’ll work on capturing it to post another time.  How fun it is to hear Hannah begin to sing.  Another fun, huge accomplishment that my ‘baby’ girl is making.


  1. I've enjoyed your posts from Disney World. It brought back a lot of memories. We LOVE Disney!

  2. Glad Hannah had a great time meeting her fave characters.Meigan was a bit younger when she met Dora the Explorer. She was all excited in line saying "Dora" over and over but as soon as we got up to her, she started wailing. :)

    Good to see you on Sat. Sorry we didn't have more of a chance to chat.

  3. So fun, so magical!

    ( can't help noticing you're wearing flip-flops -wheeeeee!)

  4. Mickey Mouse Playhouse is one of our FAVS here too. What an awesome opportunity. She looks so cute. Looks like you had a wonderful trip!!!!

  5. We have been looking at the pics of Hannah and the Disney gang including the PINSESS so many time and Tate says "cute Hannah" every time. I am seeing a Disney time for Tate soon.

    Tate must have remembered Hannah from this past summer cause she said "Hannah my fwend"...


  6. These pictures are amazing! Love how she is looking up at Mickey. :D

  7. What a special moment!

    Keep smilin!


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