Monday, March 29, 2010

It Was Going So Well...Until Mommy Left the Room

Hannah is beginning to use a spoon to help feed herself so I captured this first video showing how well she's doing. That's my girl!

I also wanted to capture some pics so had to leave her to run to another room to get the camera. Silly me left her cereal bowl on the high chair and you can see what happened. Oops! Yes, that's my girl too!

The video came to a quick and abrupt end when she started throwing her food on the floor. was time to clean up.

I love capturing these moments as I already know firsthand that time passes far too quickly and these moments will be fleeting. She sure was messy but oh how I enjoyed watching her experience this. I must say that for myself, being an older mom has granted me a whole new level of appreciation of motherhood. I'm not sure if I had my children in my early 20's if I would have taken the time to watch her grow, learn and experience the feeling of oatmeal and bananas running through her fingers.


  1. LOL!!! How cute is she? Yes, being an older parent certainly has its advantages. I, too think that we are soaking things up in a way that I wouldn't have had I had children much younger. This is the best time of our lives and we are not wasting one single second of it.

  2. She is just so cute!!!! I love that you are enjoying every minute of motherhood. A little oatmeal and banana's never hurt anyone ;-)

  3. I had Chase when I was 22 and I soaked in every moment with him!! It's that FIRST baby experience!! Nothing can even begin to explain it!! They melt you!! :o)

    I loved watching the video of her feeding herself! I could see pictures of MY family on your fridge!! :o) '

    Love ya!! Be careful!! They grow SO FAST!! Today is Carys' 2nd birthday!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhh!! lol

  4. Nothin' CUTER --she is adorable--but then I am partial to little China- dollies--ours is 14 yrs. old now how I wish I had those little girl days again -they went by toooooo fast!!

  5. She is adorable, Catherine... and the intent way she looks at her food reminds me so much of the Tongginator at that age. Watch out - you may have a future Food Network addict on your hands. *grin*

  6. Great pics and videos!! I just love the last picture with her tongue sticking out the side. Cute stuff!

  7. SO cute! I love taking in all the moments also. Time flies back and I wonder where it goes.

    Sometimes I just let Daphne go and dig in to her food. A bath cleans it all and it is a hoot for me to watch and for her to experience.

    Keep smilin!


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