Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My Little Book Worm

Hannah is busy, busy, busy these days! This sight made me giggle the other morning when I saw what she'd been up to. I could hear her taking books down from her bookshelf behind me as I checked emails but to see the final result brought a big smile to mommy's face. Hannah and I read every day and I hope to instill a love for reading in her.

K1 and I were shopping together this week and one of the sales clerks laughed at me when she overheard me say to Hannah, 'I'm not going down that aisle. That's the danger aisle!' What aisle was it? Books!! I love to buy books for Hannah and I know that they're one of my weaknesses. I ended up succumbing to the temptation of going down that aisle and sure enough I bought a book for her! Justifying my purchase I took advantage of the store's complimentary gift wrapping and had it wrapped. I'll use it as one of her gifts next Sunday morning from the EB.

She's holding a tape measure in this pic. Possilbly measuring for more book shelves?


  1. What a cutie pie! I love reading to my kids and we always read to them before bedtime. Surprisingly the kids I have in daycare aren't interested in reading. I still read to them before nap time, but it seems so strange to me that there are kids that don't love it as much. Owen and Noah just love books and I hope their love of reading continues!

    Hannah looks so small sitting in that pile of books!

  2. Sounds like you and I have the same habit of buying BOOKS. For me, it's specifically CHILDREN'S books! And I am choosy. Very choosy! DH says that my little habit needs to be a line item in the budget. :)

    Hannah with her books is just a precious sight!

  3. At least you stopped at ONE book...I wish I could say the same about me. MUST STAY OUT OF THE DANGER AISLE! LOL!

  4. Public libraries are wonderful for helping with a book buying compulsion - so many wonderful children's books to choose from, and you can take out as many as you like and constantly have a fresh supply. Then, if Hannah or you really love a certain book, you can go out and purchase that one for keeps.

    This has helped me to better manage my own book buying compulsion (and my overflowing bookshelves)! :)

  5. Hreat idea! Hannah's honourary Grandma works at our local library so we are there all thw time.

  6. I too am a book fan and I love that Hannah is immersing herself in them. Our library here only has french books so I am (sigh) forced to buy!

    Keep smilin!

  7. Oh my...she is a little book worm - like her mama, I take it?

    The measuring tape is hilarious! Either more bookshelves or a shoe closet!!

  8. We are loving books here too! And like you I have to avoid the book isle and refrain from buying all the new books that arrive in our bookstore!

    Hope you two enjoy Easter together!!!


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