Monday, March 11, 2013

Special Friends: Miss Terri

When we’re at church Hannah has a number of special people that she visits each week. They are precious people and she is special to each of them. One of the things I love is that she hugs these people with her whole body. If they pick her up (which many do to receive her all-in hugs) they’re gifted with a wrap around hug with her arms and legs.
Here are Miss Terri and Hannah sharing their special hug this week.IMG_0437
Miss Terri was Hannah’s 2yo Sunday School teacher who helped her transition into going to Sunday School, allowing me to go to ‘big church’. Week after week, month after month Terri would take her (read: peel her) from me (normally crying) and try to settle her. (We had been home almost a year when this started. I didn’t try to transition her to Sunday School until she was well settled at home and attachment was secure.)
One of the many things I truly appreciated about Terri was that she loved Hannah and loved me too. She loved us enough to not try to play the hero but to do what I asked and call me if she was still crying 2-3 minutes later. My number came up in the church every-single-Sunday for 10 months. Sometimes I wouldn’t even find a seat in the back row before my number was on the board. I would go out, scoop my crying sweetie from Terry’s loving arms and we’d both praise her for trying. We knew if we both kept with it eventually she would get there.
I still remember the Sunday in June when I did get into the service. I found a seat in the back row of the church and stared at the nursery light board knowing it would be seconds before my number would be on it. (Each baby is assigned a number and if the parent is needed the number is illuminated on the board so that the parent can go to their baby.) I couldn’t believe it when 5, 6 and 7 minutes went by without my number going up. I was sure the board was broken! After about 10 minutes I slid into the nursery wing and caught the eye of the coordinator. She peaked in the 2yo room and said Hannah was sitting on Terri’s knee…NOT crying! She was helping her through this, reassuring her that I would be back soon and Hannah was listening to her.
That my friends was the turning point. Terri had helped her through this challenging transition and after that week there was pretty much no looking back for my girl!  In the almost 2 years since she’s only had 2 rough Sundays and one of them Terri heard that she was upset in the hall, came to her and invited her into her 2yo to be her ‘big girl helper.’  Hannah was in her glory and once again Terri helped her out.  The following Sunday she was happy to go back to her normal class.
Every Sunday when we go to church Hannah stops at Miss Terri’s door first and she comes out, scoops up my girl and they share a special moment together.
Terri – Thank you!!  We love you and the important role you played and continue to play in Hannah’s life.


  1. There are so many great things about church. Associations with the people there is just one of them. It's so neat that Hannah can build this bond and have it reinforced every week. She sure is cute with those curls! That's not easy with sleek, silky hair! :)

  2. This is such a special post. We sure need more people like Miss Terri in our children's lives!


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