Monday, March 18, 2013

Science Fun–Part II

Hannah received a really neat birthday gift from her little friend Ella.  (Pic from last October.  Can’t believe how they’ve both grown in this short amount of time!!)IMG_8107

Ella gave her a Primary Science Lab Set.

Hannah has been excited to try out this fun kit and recently we tried our first experiment.  It was a great success!  One of her favourite books to read is White Rabbit’s Color Book.  We’ve read it many times and it’s about a little white rabbit who hops into a pot of yellow paint.  Next he hops into a pot or red paint.  Expecting to turn red he’s surprised when instead he turns orange!

The first experiment the kit suggests is mixing water with food colouring to create new colours.  But, rather than just doing it in little bowls the kit supplies test tubes with lids and holders plus an eye dropper, all kid sized and made of sturdy plastic.

What fun we had!!

Step 1 was assembling the materials and donning the safety goggles included in the kit.IMG_0486

Step 2 involved filling the test tubes with water and some drops of red, yellow and blue food colouring.IMG_0487


Finally Hannah used to eye dropper to add the red water to the yellow and blue tubes.  What fun it was to see her little face light up when she saw what we’d read about many times actually be displayed before her eyes!IMG_0491

As soon as we finished she asked if we could do another experiment!  I love it when learning is fun for my girlie!

I’m hoping we can do another experiment this coming week and it will be a fun one.  We’re going to put pennies in water and others in lemon juice to see what happens.  It will be fun to watch her reaction.  When we go to Disney she creates pressed pennies for her collection and is saving for those.  How fun it will be for her to have bright shiny pennies that she created for herself to use for her pressed penny creations!

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  1. That kit looks like fun! Will have to look for it for Meigan.



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