Friday, March 29, 2013

A Breakfast Treat for Mommy!

Shortly after Hannah turned 4 she woke up one morning and said, ‘Mommy, I want to make you breakfast!’  I was all over that so let her go to it while I got ready upstairs.  It was cute as she ran upstairs once to ask if she could open the cupboards and a second time to ask if she could open the fridge. Smile  (I like to be aware of what she’s eating and drinking so she asks me before helping herself to food.  It works well for us and saves her snacking so much she doesn’t want to eat meals.)

So, as I got ready for work I heard my little chef making her way around our kitchen.  She’s a confident climber and I knew that this meal would involve climbing on counters to reach bowls and glasses.  I used to stress about these activities until she was old enough to realized the dangers and climb safely.  Now I don’t even flinch – except on the rare occasion when she jumps from the counter to the floor.  Oy!IMG_0628

On this day when I went downstairs I was greeted by my proud girlie who had created her own concoction of a cereal trio using  Life Cereal, Sugar Crisp and Fruit Loops.  She also made a drink combo of prune juice and orange juice with a bit of extra water.  I’m not a huge fan of prune juice but drank it since it was made with love.  My poor sweetie struggles with keeping things ‘regular’ so I’m always aware of the fibre in her diet and increasing it wherever I can.  Thankfully she is an awesome eater so things like prune juice (aka syrup juice to Hannah), Raisin Bran, lots of fresh fruit and dried apricots are part of her daily routine.IMG_0629

I love that Hannah enjoys cooking like she does and what a treat it is when it includes breakfast for Mommy.  So far this has happened on pretty much a weekly basis this past month and I think that’s a wonderful treat for both of us! 

Look how proud she is – and rightfully so!!IMG_0630

Thank you chef Hannah!


  1. You are raising such a sweet, respectful, intelligent and lovable girl! You truly are a wonderful mommy, and Hannah is a wonderful daughter! You are helping Hannah grow up into a beautiful young lady, inside and out. Great job mom!

  2. Hi Catherine,
    How wonderful is that... just truly adorable.
    I have a son who suffers from constipation. One thing we have found that has helped him is bran sprinkled over his breakfast. We add it to all of his cereals.

  3. Have you considered cereals with less or no sugar? I imagine that she could also make granola with you supervising and have it for breakfast. I am always intrigued with what the Salsa girls cook up and I bet Hannah could do the same. She is very smart and skilled.

    1. She gets a little bit of sugared cereal with the other ones about half the time. I don't believe in denying her things with sugar, I just moderate the amount she has.

  4. What a kind heart she has to want to make breakfast for her mommy. And how fun that you let her come up with her very own concotions and then eat/drink them :)

  5. What a sweetie to make you breakfast! Adorable heart she has.

  6. Chef Hannah - I love it! And Mom, you're a trooper for taste testing her creations! I think it's great! What a lovely way to start the day.


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