Friday, March 01, 2013

Hannah’s Day of 4th Birthday Fun!!

I went to bed shortly after midnight Wednesday morning and gently sang Happy Birthday to my sleeping girl.  When I finished she sweetly said, ‘Thank you Mama’ and then went right back to sleep.  She is the cutest ever!!!

Last year I started a new birthday tradition with Hannah and she began asking about it early in February to make sure Mommy knew her heart’s desire.IMG_0251



Last year she played with the balloons for about 45 mins.  This year she knew there were presents downstairs and she was ready to head down in about 45 seconds!IMG_0275

She was super excited to see her new bike and the other gifts too!  She has ridden a bike like this at Walmart so many times in the past 6 months that I’ve lost count!  Most times when we went to the store she asked to go to the toy area and rode the bike around and around the displays.   IMG_0288It’s a little bit big for her right now but she’s growing so fast that I figured by the time she’s ready to take the training wheels off she’ll have grown into it.  On her 4th birthday Hannah was 41 3/4” tall which continues to be around the 86th percentile for height on the NA charts.

You can see that it didn’t take my girl long to put her own Hannah spin on riding her new bike!IMG_0313

When I wrapped her gifts recently it was a little like Christmas for mommy too.  I kinda when crazy buying gifts before Christmas so ended up putting a number away for her birthday. 

Hannah is my craft and sticker loving gal so we spent some of the morning enjoying those parts of her gifts.IMG_0292

She loved this little balloon.  Unfortunately I didn’t pick up on the squeaks it was making until it popped.  I hadn’t had an opportunity to teach Hannah about balloons and laying on them until it was too late.  She was so good about it and there were only a few tears.  Poor lamby!  She’d asked for a princess balloon a number of times but I’d stalled her knowing that I had this one at home ready to blow up for her birthday.  Mommy is now on the lookout for another one for my sweet girl!IMG_0300

Hannah choose pancakes for breakfast.IMG_0305

On your birthday, mommy turns a blind eye to table manners and grabs the camera instead!IMG_0307

After playing with her new toys for a while she helped me prepare the loot bags for her little friends who would be attending her birthday party later in the day.IMG_0308

We met Grandma for lunch at one of her favourite places, a local sushi restaurant.  Mmm!  (Don’t you love this cute shirt that was handed down to Hannah?!)IMG_0315

On our way home we stopped in to visit Nana at work and then at her ‘big girl school’ to pick up a junior kindergarten pre-registration package.  I was a bit overwhelmed to be in the school that Hannah will be attending in September!  It’s a very nice school and I’m happy that she will be going there.  I took a long route home and happened to pop up the heat a bit Winking smile and my sweetie nodded off for a little nap.  I knew she’d be up late with her party so wanted her in top form and a nap was just what was called for.

While Hannah napped I decorated her cake. I remember with fondness cakes that my mom made for me so I wanted to make her cake.  It’s not super fancy but she was excited when she saw it and that’s what’s important! IMG_0316

(The cake topper was purchased from TwoSweetCakeImages on Etsy and I would order from her again for sure!  The image was beautiful and came with great instructions.)

Before we knew it it was party time!  We changed into our party clothes and headed to an evening of birthday fun with family and friends!!IMG_0334

I loved that we had this entire day together and could focus on our family and Hannah’s special day.  I hope in the future to take time off work again on her birthday so that I can pick her up from school and take her to lunch or possibly volunteer in her class that day.  Oh how I love my little girl!!!


  1. So fun! It totally shows how much you love your Hannah <3

  2. What a fun and special day! A birthday fit for a princess, for sure!


  3. She is SO cute! I love her bedhead - LOL! Seriously, her reaction to opening her gifts is SO much like what Briana would do. They have such similar personalities. They HAVE to meet one day! Happy Birthday Hannah!

  4. Love the cake, love everything! I'm so glad you two got the whole day together! You make everything so special. Did you say there was a party? Are more pictures coming?:)

  5. So sweet.... friends of mine let their kids take the day off school when it is their birthday and they have special 'mummy time'... When my little one is school age I think I will do this too as it is so important that adopted kids have great experiences for their birthdays.....

  6. Catherine, I've been meaning to ask you about the balloons--did you get them from a party place or do you have a portable helium tank for these occasions?

    1. I purchased a helium tank at Costco and have that at the house. Bought a 2nd one this year which was good as the first one ran out just as I started her birthday balloons. Much more cost effective, easy to do and convenient as the tank is always in the basement. We've probably tank balloons to 5 different occasions we've gone to in the past year. A fun treat to show up with a balloon 'just because!'

      The one tip I have is to purchase 'Hi-Float' at a party store. We bought ours at the party store near you. It's really helpful in keeping the balloons floating! Last year I didn't have it and by the time she woke up on her birthday the balloons were already dragging a bit and were down by that night. This year I used the Hi-Float and the balloons are still on the ceiling 8 days after her birthday! Even after much playing with them by my little girl!


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