Sunday, March 10, 2013

Curls for a Day

We tried this one other time and the results were quite cute.  Last night I dampened her hair and put socks in it to create soft

The results were fun springy curls that will last for a few days.  I just finger combed them out so that they didn’t get too fuzzy.IMG_0436

A fun little change for a few days!IMG_0435


  1. So cute! I have done Tate's with strips of sheets. Think we will do it tonight for a curly day tomorrow!

  2. Cuuuute. I love how she cuddles.
    One of the youtube videos shows you and Hannah having a tea party with little animals. I was wondering where you bought the tea set. Looks so cute.

    1. The tea set was a gift from Nana and Papa 2 Christmases ago. It was purchased from Mastermind Toys. You can find some cute little porcelain tea sets online at Mastermind.

      Hope this is helpful!


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