Saturday, October 02, 2010

I Guess Hannah Wasn’t as Excited as Mommy

After her bath one of the games we play is Hannah running around our upstairs while mommy chases her to put on her bedtime diaper.  The challenge is that her little bladder seems to kick in when she gets out of the tub and a couple of times each week I’m cleaning up little messes.  I know it’s still really early and I am not at all interested in trying to potty train her yet but I did buy a potty to put beside the bathtub with the hopes that she might sit there for a moment before her little run.  Tonight I put her there as normal and was surprised and excited to find that she’d peed in her potty!  Way to go Hannah!!  Oh the celebrating we did!

After getting her pj’s on I tried to get her to pose beside her little potty to capture the big moment Imported Photos 00303but you can see by this picture that she wanted nothing to do with picture taking and was only interested in her bottle, prayers and bed!  After I snapped this pic I was quick to oblige and she was asleep within 10 mins. Imported Photos 00305 

I’m going to keep up this little routine of popping her on the potty after a bath but for now that’s it.  In a year or so and if she’s interested, we’ll try potty training.  I’m not trying to win and medals for having my daughter trained early and will follow her lead when it’s time.


  1. Way to go Hannah! But you're right, when she's ready, she'll let you know.

  2. My friend has the same issue with her daughter, she would actually have to sit her on the potty before bath time and then right after.

  3. I'm a big trivia buff, and give my students extra credit for bringing in trivia at the end of the year. Last year one piece of trivia was that 40% of women pee in the shower. I said, ewww! gross! but wasn't surprised.

    Hannah is just normal. You'll find, too, that girls are easy to train. They don't like it running down their legs, while boys don't care because they can project it elsewhere :-) She'll definitely give you a sign when she's ready.

  4. Stick her on the pot *before* the tub. :)

    Girls are more interested in potties and you might as well capture that interest early!

    Let her take the lead though. :)

  5. My mum is a childminder and she has always sat all of her charges (including me as a baby) on the potty at various times of the day with a book, encouraging it to be viewed as positive time! She then has always made a BIG deal of any business done on the potty, and with the kids she looks after with their mummies and daddies too, calling them to let their kids tell them, celebrating the success!

    She's a first class childminder and has the top rating possible to get in the UK!

    Sounds like Hannah is doing well! She will absolutely do it when she is ready but an excellent start eh!

  6. Good work Mommy! We trained AA using the potty sign language so that she would tell us when she was going in her diaper or needed to go do her business. We still use the same sign so that she doesn't have to talk or ask.
    You are such a good and patient Mom, and forward thinking.

    Alyzabeth's Mommy

  7. Hee hee! That is very ingenious.

    Keep smilin!

  8. I am doing the same thing with Abby!!! I let her sit on her potty whenever I go in to potty but with her clothes on and then just before bath for us I put her on it naked...

    Abby will be 19 months this week so I think she and Hannah are about the same age... I totally don't think she's ready to potty train but I figure it couldn't hurt for her to get used to sitting on the potty!!

  9. Hi all you potty gals. I used the 3 day potty method with my little one. I knew she was ready because she could go potty. We did just like you guys and "played potty for a while". Then I downloaded the 3day potty method ebook and thought "why not". We'll try. Sure enough, it worked. Amazing. She recommends you do it at 22 months, but mine was 25 months when I did it. Couldn't block off 3 days to stay at home and do nothing before that. Good luck and happy pottying.


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