Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Too bad (not!)...Snowed in In CA! *updated*

When we were outside playing with the girls yesterday I teased that the sky looked like a storm was coming for sure...see???
It changed from this beautiful blue to these pretty, whispy clouds but it was our joke that I'd be staying longer due to the storm that most surely must be coming! :o)

What I didn't realize was that close to home a storm was in fact brewing and it was a doozey! Lots of snow and freezing rain. Normally this doesn't faze me but this time there were a few extra factors coming into play:
- I didn't want to leave!!!
- I was flying in to an airport 3 hours from home
- I didn't want to leave!!!
- The drive from the airport to home would be through a bad snow belt which would mean nasty driving
- The weater services were advising against driving unless absolutely necessary
- I would be landing at midnight and starting my 3...4...5 hour drive home then
- Oh yah, did I mention that I didn't want to leave???

After being advised by both my parents and a couple of friends who called me here that if I made it to Buffalo I'd need to stay put until after the storm passed it was an easy decision to call the airline as many flights were cancelled and/or delayed. My ticket was changed by a day so I'm here one more day and loving it!

Still sad to leave tomorrow but thankful for the bonus day of hanging out with Mary-Mia and the girls!

Yeah snow!!! Now...bring on spring!! So NOT looking forward to wearing my winter coat and boots again. Mid 50's works just fine!


Dad sent me these pics of the snow at their place. Oh yes, very pretty but glad I'm not trying to drive too far in that!


  1. I'm glad you missed this weather. It feels like a snowglobe!

  2. Stay put and stay safe!

    Keep smilin!

  3. I am an hour and a half east of Buffalo. Staying put was a good plan. There was 2 inches of loose ice/snow on my car this morning. Not fun to clean off.

  4. Happy Chinese New Year Catherine.

    I will say it again: SAFE TRIP HOME!


  5. ya, this snow bites. i am headed to California on SAturday, the sunshine will be a nice change of scenery :)



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