Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Final Tim's Stat's 2007 - Congrats Norma!!

Yes, my friend Norma cleaned up during this year’s Roll Up contest! With an astounding 13 winning cups she’s officially been crowned the winner of this year’s contest and Queen of the Golden Roller! (And as a bonus, is guaranteed not to sleep for the next 2 weeks while all that caffeine floats around her system! :o)

I ended up placing 4/7. Oops! The bad news is that I was demoted to the ‘House League’ (see below) but the good news is that I won the House League! Since Norma won the ‘Competitive League’ and I won the ‘House League’ we’re taking ourselves out for lunch. (Well…we’re just going out for lunch but it’s much more fun to think it’s a Victory Lunch!)

My final stats: 8 winning cups out of approx. 65. A huge improvement over last year’s dismal 4/91! Alas, the Rim Roller has officially been retired until late February of next year. (Between you and I…I’m hoping to miss 2 weeks of the fun next year while in China but that seems virtually impossible right now. Oh well, miracles still happen! And my strategy to stay in the running even if I’m in China ? Take Norma and Russ with me! Norma will be traveling with Mom, Dad and I and Russ and his wife are in my travel group. Pretty good strategy eh???)

Lastly, this was the first year that we had a ‘contest’ and oh what fun we had with it! I’ve mentioned before the fun emails that we would send to one another throughout the contest. For your reading pleasure I leave you with some of my favourites!

Seeing as the roll-up season is drawing to a close, I thought I’d mention that handicaps will be applied next season based on standard mean and deviation.

Do you think that we could maybe split this up into two charts? One could be the 'Competitive' chart and the other could be sort of a 'House League' chart where you are just playing for fun. You could put Me, Russ, Catherine and Norma in the 'Competitive' chart and You, Nancy and Cory could be in the 'House League'.

Maybe Norma could give us a talk at the end to tell us some of her secrets.
i.e.. 1. How she selects the winning Line/Cashier.
2. Her technique for rolling up the rim.
3. How to spot a winning cup.
4. Does she count cups?
5. How to move ahead in the line to get a winning cup.
6. What cup size does she drink?

Are you picking cups out of the garbage again?

I've also found a few on other peoples desks!!! Let's just say Cory's winnings would be a lot higher if he wasn't so inattentive.

Oh yeah - I almost forgot that I won a donut today! Ken can vouch for me - its in his tummy.

It was great fun while it lasted! See everyone next year. I'm off to use up some of my winning tabs before they expire!


  1. What a fun group of people you work with! I like your strategy for next year. Sounds like a good plan to take the enemy, I mean other teams, with you to China. :)

    Enjoy your Victory Lunch!

  2. Sounds like a fun work place! A fun and delicious competitions. I did not do well...4 out of 42

    Keep smilin!

  3. My stats are even worse...I was 0/13

    Sad, really sad...

  4. You guys sound like you have SO much fun! Hilarious!

  5. That's a crazy amount of caffeine flowing through that office!

  6. That is quite an impressive chart!
    Glad you had fun sorry you didn't win something big. I didn't do so well either.

  7. OMG that is funny, I think I would be looking round the cubicles at work and checking their garbage..ughh that's bad isn't it?!


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