Monday, February 25, 2008

Rrroll Up Fun has Started!

Today was the official kickoff of Rrroll Up The Rim to Win 2008! Our little group at work has grown significantly and we even have a remote player amongst us in Mark from Waiting for Pumpkin! I'm sure he'll be a great addition to the group and he's already started participating in the bantering among us. When he joined he asked the rules and Ken quickly informed him that they were quite simple. 3 wins for him = 1 win for any of us so we expected him to do the math prior to submitting his winnings. Yes...we've only just begun!

Being the silly person I am I saved my first roll up cup of the contest today and didn't roll it up until I'd brought it home and taken a pic of it. Yup...Please Play Again. Oh well, things can only go up from here.

For all my fellow Canadians (and Americans) who participate in this winter fun...Let the games begin!


  1. Bummer.... better luck next time!!!

  2. Not great stats, I must say.

    BUT, the positive spin is, gotta love that TIM'S coffee.


  3. I bot my first one luck but I will carry on.

    Keep smilin!

  4. Good luck! Hope you won't be bouncing off the walls too much from a massive coffee buzz!

  5. Mmmmm Tim's coffee....
    Mmmmmmmmm donuts......

  6. I'm in! I bought a coffee today in honour of you, but did not win a thing. Ah's the fun that counts, right?

  7. I think you need to get yourself on a commercial for Tim Horton's Catherine . . . you'd be great!

    If it makes you feel any better, I had my first loser cup yesterday too. Here's to better luck today! :)


  8. Ohh I was so excited when I got my Rrroll up the rim yesterday too!!! I'm a total addict and am there faithfully every morning (sometimes 2 times a day). Saddly my cup looked like your yesterday and today I havent checked yet!!!!
    GOOD LUCK my friend and I'll keep you posted on my winnings!!!

  9. Okay - Pooh on You!
    How dare you throw that Tim Horton cup in my southern face! I can just smell the aroma :D Mt Canadian days are flashing before my face. Guess I'll just have to pack Li Li up and go get a Krispy Kream - maybe the "Hot Light" is on!

    Ladybug hugs,

  10. Can you believe we did not stop in at one Timmy's on the way here??? No roll up anything to share.


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