Wednesday, February 27, 2008

SO Ready for Spring!

The calendar says it's only February 27th. My brain knows it's only February 27th but I tell you, I am SO ready for spring this year!! I really should have no complaints as I was able to get away twice this winter but I'm just ready to shed the coat and boots! It's been fffrrreeeeezing here lately and snowy. Calling for more snow each of the next 3 days so there will be some good shovelling exercise going on. Yippee??

Most winters we get snow then it warms up and melts and then the cycle begins again. Not this year. We've had snow on the ground for the past 3 1/2 months with more on the way. (Dawn, I don't know how you do it living where you do! My hat's off to you!!) Add to that very few sunny days and it makes people go a little stir crazy. They were saying on the news last night that calls to travel agents is up 40% this year from normal with people just wanting to get away!

On Sunday, Pug Mama challenged each of us to find a way to summarize part of our week in 3 words. This week mine was 'Ready for Spring.' It was fun to see all that people came up with. Some beautiful, some whitty, some creative and some sad. Each of us going through life together yet facing our own unique situations, challenges and celebrations.

Tonight I decided to try out a little experiment. I'm sure the neighbours think I'm crazy but I don't care! It's all in fun. The news is saying that tonight is the coldest night so far this winter so I wondered how long it might take for tap water to freeze. I thought it would be fast but was surprised when it took but a few seconds!

Yes...small things amuse me!

Last night's video was dark so I tried to film another one this morning. It's not quite as effective but you can see how quickly my finger slides across the ice that was formed. (Yes, that's traffic you can hear behind me. I was sporting a stylish long nightgown and winter coat and boots. Oh yah....I was stylin! And I'm sure the neighbours are a talkin....again! :o)

Hope you're safe and warm where you are. Tonight I am thankful for my home, heat, electricity, water and a warm coat and boots. I can't help but think of those who are living on the streets. Praying they'll allow someone to help them out tonight and take them to a shelter to keep warm.
PS - Hope referrals begin to arrive soon. It's pretty sad when the big thing I have to post about and entertain you with is watching water freeze!


  1. That is sooo funny. This is one of the few winters that I think we prairie dwellers have had it better than those of you "down East".
    I LOVE the video of the water freezing. Here's to a thaw soonest!

  2. Its starting to get colder here:(

    Its dark in the mornings too - which is making it extra hard to get out of bed!

    Hope your spring comes soon - although that means approaching winter for me!!

  3. We love our electricity - don't know how we would live without it!! (of course that is also how I make my living).
    Enjoy the snow, have fun in it and get out the tanning light!!

    LID 01/27/06

  4. Love the spring too. Had just a taste of it a couple days ago and now it's cold again. Video of the water was pretty cool. Hope your snow melts soon.

  5. Hoping spring comes to you soon! That video was WAY cool!

  6. Catherine, I can just SEE you in your nightie, boots and coat. You are so funny. Anything in the name of a scientific experiment.

    I need some Spring here too! Brrrr. It's 14F this morning.

    Warm hugs

  7. I'm going to pass out when I see our electric bill this month....the heat pump hasn't even stopped this morning........


  8. I'm with ya sista! This is my eight winter in Minnesota and the first that I've said ENOUGH ALREADY! I think having Tess and being cooped up in the house might make more of a difference. I am so ready for crop pants!

  9. We are ready for spring too. This has been the longest Feb. ever....and to think we get a bonus day of it tomorrow. Yuck!

  10. Oh Catherine, you crack me up.
    It is dang cold out, i will agree. I am so over Winter, be gone Winter, Be GONE!

  11. Hi Catherine...

    Thank you for your wonderful prayer insights that you shared over a my place today.

    Wow! A baby from China... how amazing. I will stop and pray for you both right now.

    Sweet blessings!

  12. I too have had ENOUGH of this weather!!

  13. ANd I thought watching paint dry was fun.....

  14. Hi! I'm a good friend of Doris & Dan's and I just wanted to tell you how much fun it is to read your blog! You are so upbeat and positive about things that it really helps brighten my mood. Even though we have never met through your blog and Doris & Dan I feel like I know you. Have great day!

  15. You are the cutest! It is a sad statement about our weather and how flippin'cold it is.

    Keep smilin!

  16. Thanks for making me laugh ("already frozen")... you are too much, and I needed a reason to smile today :)

    Hope spring shows her face soon. I don't know how you handle that kind of cold!

  17. I'm ready for spring too! This weekend though they're calling for temps in the teens. Jealous yet?

  18. Amen, sister (about spring and referrals!!)

  19. Other than the fact you obviously have far too much free time on your hands....just thought I'd let you know I wore a new Spring jacket yesterday - in this freezing weather!!!! Couldn't wait another minute. I looked cute, but boy was I cold!!!!


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