Thursday, July 19, 2007

More Cottage Fun!

Some pics from our fun at the cottage this past weekend. Saturday was a rainy day but that didn’t stop the fun! Grab an umbrella and old bread to feed the ducks and all is well. Love this picture of my dad and Noah!

Puzzle time fun for Noah. He’s all about the movie ‘Cars’ right now, can you tell?

Noah trying out Daddy’s camera.

Auntie Cathy likes daddy’s camera! It takes great pics and he lets me borrow it any time I like. What a great brother!

Rebecca was feeding the ducks some little Ritz crackers that had cheese in the middle. She figured they wouldn’t like the cheese so she’d eat it first and then throw them the crackers. I’m guessing she liked the cheese. :o)

Saturday afternoon we went to my cousin Sean’s place to visit with his family as well as Dad’s brother and his wife. Sean (left) and Dave showing off their matching haircuts.

I love all the extra ‘family time’ that the cottage involves!


  1. First--I love that you all (meaning Canadians) have cottages that you go to for the summer--how idyllic. Second, your family’s cottage is so cute and exactly what I picture a cottage to be.

  2. Very nice cottage!

    I love getting away and enjoying the fresh air!


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