Monday, July 09, 2007

Numbers, Numbers...Numbers!

If you knew me in school, you’d know that math was my stronger subject and English not so much. Normally I enjoy playing with numbers. Remembering phone numbers, bank account numbers and credit card numbers comes quite easily to me. Names? Not so much… Just ask my friends in the Waiting Mommies Group. It’s common knowledge that the name tags at the dinners are not so much for the new girls as they are for this old gal who just seems to struggle with names.

Anyway, you may have noticed that I’ve updated the CCAA website info and referral information on the right of the page. Log in Dates (LID’s) through May 31, 2005 are through the Review Room. A big congrats (and audible sigh!) for all those who have made it through!

The other number listed on their site that was updated last week is the referral information numbers. It now reads, ‘The CCAA has finished the placement of children for the families whose adoption application documents were registered with our office before November 14, 2005.’ For all those who received referrals over the past few days…another big congrats!

For those of us waiting…the wait continues. It’s fairly common knowledge that November 2005 was a huge month for LID’s so it’s just going to take a while to get through November. It has been 3 months so far and I’m guessing it will take another 3 months (August, September and October) to get through the remainder of November. Here’s hoping though that the October batch at least wanders (even a little bit) into December LID’s. Oh how sweet it will be to see December on the CCAA website and have the monster months of October and November behind us!

The polls show that December 2005, January 2006 and February 2006 have less files logged in so in my little world that means that hopefully we will see more than 6 or 7 days of files covered each month. Only time will tell but I’m holding out hope.

My guesstimation for a referral is about a varied as can be. Some days I hold on to the hope of a May 2008 referral, yet others I prepare for anything up to and including September 2008. Whenever it is, right now I’m confident that it will happen in 2008 and that’s a reason to celebrate!


  1. Once again you have such a positive attitude. All in God's perfect timing (one of your favourite phrases). Here's hoping CCAA surprises us and gets through November in just two months - you just never know!


  2. Great attitude!!

    I too will keep my fingers crossed that 2008 IS your year!

  3. 2008 is our year sweets.

    That scary forecast site had my LID as May 08 if the CC-A carry on as they are.

    Keep smilin!

  4. Hang in there!! A positive attitude will get you far (and a little chocolate helps too!!)

    Julie :o)

  5. I'm the exact opposite! Math is NOT my strong point. At all. Yuck.

  6. Keep up that positive attitude Catherine!

  7. I hear ya. I think we'll make 2008 too. I still have this thing about April...of course, I never would have guessed April of 2008. At this point I'm happy as long as it isn't April of 2009.

  8. Dang straight girl, 2008 is ON IT'S WAY! (And holy cow, I really will be IN MY FORTIES then... eeek!).

  9. 2008 doesn't seem that far off now does it? It will happen!

  10. I hear ya!! Hoping and crossing my fingers right along with ya :)

  11. Waiting and celebrating right along side you -

    Don & Be
    LID 3/24/06

  12. I, too, am hoping that we see things start to move again once November is through. Trying to keep my chin up with your help!


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