Friday, July 27, 2007

Georgia Gifties

It was fun to have a little gift exchange while we were together. Hannah and Mommy both received some really neat things!

- Adorable little pink shoes with black polka dots. Can’t wait until she wears these cuties!
- Coveted ‘Everybody Loves a Brown Eyed Girl’ t-shirt! (Wahoo…we have one now!)
- Beautiful handmade bracelet
- ‘Forever Lily’ book – I’m already 100 pages into it and really enjoying it!
- Cute little ladybug bib that will really come in handy
- Yummy homemade ladybug cookie (who’s a little squished after the flight :o)
- Fun, beautiful ‘Hannah’ nametag that I’ll put on her diaper bag

A fun t-shirt that we each rec’d to remember the infamous ‘Bodacious Blogger Break of 2007!’

Mom’s Survival kit that contained:
- chocolate!

My little gifts ready to be handed out.

Thanks Norma and Rebecca for all your help in helping me make these.

Thanks so much for your great gifts everyone! Each one is special because of who it came from!

Miss you like crazy!!


  1. Smooch, smooch..and love the crafty photo folders. I am looking forward to filling mine with some great memories.

  2. What great gifts. I've gots to get me one of those tshirts before it's too late!

  3. Wonderful and very creative presents :)

  4. You are just too crafty as the photo folder is beyond adorable! I'm looking forward to filling it with great memories of the bloggy bash.

  5. Great gifts. You are so crafty. I tried to make one of those funky folded folder thingys once but couldn't quite get it - yours look beautiful. What a great keepsake.


  6. It's like Christmas in July! What wonderful gifts!


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