Friday, August 07, 2015

Picture Round-up

Look Mommy!  I have 3 jackets on!IMG_7593

Hannah coloured a picture for me, put it in a plastic sleeve and then hung ribbon on it.  She gave it to me to ‘wear at work.’  Too cute!  I did it….at least for 5 mins or so!  Now it’s a beautiful piece of artwork on my office wall.IMG_7589

Hannah and her friend Sarah out for a ride in Sarah’s ‘Stang!’  They had most fun riding it on the grass. IMG_7598

Uh oh!  Looks like engine troubles.IMG_7601

Of course the spaghetti box fell over  just as I was going out the door to work.  Ugh!IMG_7595

My brave girl holding a tarantula at a ‘Zoo to You’ party.  Ewww!IMG_7683

Hannah was excited when we moved her from her car seat into a booster seat in Grandma and Grandpa’s van!  She’s still in a 5 point harness in our car as we do a lot of highway driving and my car seat still fits her well so she’ll be in that for a while still but it’s booster seat time in the van.


We enjoyed going to see ‘Inside Out’.IMG_7732

Hannah’s final lunch of SK packed in her Planet Box.IMG_7764

My sweet girl was in tears going into class her last day of SK knowing she was changing teachers and schools in September.  Love how Mrs C comforted her.  IMG_7787

Until next time….DSC_1553

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  1. Oh! Love the new seat! I think that's the one we have! Can it be used as a 5 point or a booster? If so, yep, we have had those in our cars for a few months now & they are great!! I'm thinking it will be the last seats we need to buy! We also have a Bubble Bum that we bought for our NYC trip that we love! We have only used it for the taxi rides there so far though. Hannah is so sweet, offering part of her snack to you in the video!!


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