Sunday, August 30, 2015

Hannah’s First Blue Jays Game!

Our Toronto Blue Jays are hot, hot, hot right now so I figured this year would be a great time to introduce Hannah to a live game!  We often watch them on TV and with the games being so exciting this year I thought she might enjoy it. 

A couple of weeks ago I bought tickets for Dad, Hannah and I to go to yesterday’s game against the Detroit Tigers, Dad’s childhood team.  The problem with going to a game late in the season for a team in first place in their division is that most clothing items are hard to find.  Hannah and I went to W*mart Thursday night with hopes of finding a t-shirt for her.  I couldn’t find anything in the kid’s dept. but found one lone t-shirt in the men’s dept.  Even though it’s a men’s small I quickly realized that with the help of a mitt clip that I could make this work.  I think she looks adorable and many people commended on her cute little ‘dress’ at the game!IMG_8242


We met up with dad and set out for a day of fun together!IMG_8251

What’s a day at the ballpark without a ball park dog?IMG_8293

One of the reasons we chose to go on a Saturday is that Saturdays are Jr. Jays days with lots of free activities set up for the kids before, during and after the game.  First stop was for an airbrushed tattoo.IMG_8264

She spun a wheel and won a water bottle and then got a cute little Blue Jays tattoo also.IMG_8269

Our seats ended up being second row from the top but they were great for us as we could see most everything and Hannah could also move around a bit more without bothering people around us.  IMG_1203-1


After a few innings Hannah and I went for a walk where she had this neat Blue Jay balloon bird made for her.IMG_8274

She got right into the game clapping and shouting with the best of them!IMG_8275

We went for another walk and found a neat little path behind the jumbotron.IMG_1219

In the end, the parts of the game that we saw were AMAZING as our Jays won 15-1 and secure their top spot in the American League East!!!  The noise in the stadium was deafening….and awesome!  (And….the sound almost drowned out the sobs of our family in Windsor who are all Tigers fans! Winking smile) SO much fun to be at such a great game!!

After the final pitch was thrown there was still more fun for the Jr. Jays.  We made our way down a long, LONG, l-o-n-g line (it reached almost 1/2 way around the top level of the stadium!!) to wait for an opportunity for Hannah to run the bases.  How fun!!!  Hannah found a neat spot to wait.  IMG_8278

By the time our group of 1000’s of kids began their trek down to the field, the game had been over for almost an hour but the excitement could still be heard and felt! 

It was a really neat feeling to walk onto the field and see the stadium from such a different perspective!   The event was really well organized and as we walked in from the outfield, past the warm-up pitcher’s mounds,  we approached first base and the kids cut off to the right and began to run the bases while the parents walked a path beside first base.  We met up at home plate.  If you look carefully you can see my girl running her little heart out!  Go Hannah Go!!!

Once we met back up we took advantage of being on the field and snapped a couple of final pics – in front of the Blue Jays dugout and IMG_8288

with the stadium behind us.IMG_8289

It was the perfect day from start to end and we quickly decided that this will become an annual tradition!  We hope to go to a game against the Tigers again next summer with more of our family joining us….as well as those who are Tiger fans from Windsor!  C’mon family - who wants to join us?

Go Jays Go!!!


  1. Sounds like an amazing experience! Go Bluejays! Hannah does look darling in her "dress!"

  2. What an awesome experience! I love all the cool things you all get to do together!


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