Wednesday, December 23, 2015

A Visit with Santa

Hannah was a little unsure about visiting Santa this year but decided Sunday that she’d like to try.  When we got to the mall it took her about 10 minutes to gather her courage but once she set her mind to the visit you’d never know she’d been nervous! 

For a look back at previous visits with Santa, look here.


  1. Why was she nervous of him this year? I'm sure she's definitely on the "nice" list! Ha!

  2. Looooove her dress! Where did you get it from? Adorable photo as always1

    1. Awe thanks! The skirt is a hand-me-down from her cousin. I bought it for her back in 2006 when we went to the Nutcracker. So neat to see the girls were both able to wear it!

    2. Oh, wow, that's so nice! It's funny when things crop up that were in our lives before we were mums! :) Hope you and Hannah had a nice Christmas! x


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