Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Bobble Chippey is Back!!

Hannah patiently awaited Bobble Chippey’s return and today was that day!  A few times over the weekend she commented, ‘Mommy, I wonder when Bobble Chippey is coming back?’ and we were pretty sure it would be soon!

I think he must have borrowed my camera after setting up our breakfast table and hit the ‘timer’ button to record his finished product.  Good job Bobble Chippey!IMG_5903

I like the more simplified version of the Elf breakfast that you created this year BC!  It was a hit with both of us.  Christmas Rice Krispies, Hershey Kisses scattered about the table and Disney Christmas Kinder Eggs.  IMG_5904

Hannah was pretty excited when she saw that BC was back!IMG_5906

Our little elf knows just where to find everything in our cupboards now, even the fancy Mickey glasses used for special occasions!  Today we filled them with ‘Christmas Milk.’  Yum!!IMG_5911

BC wrote Hannah note talking about how excited he was to be back and to play their ‘Can You Find Me’ game each morning!  He also said he’d heard that she’d begun to read so she could read some of the words in his Elf on the Shelf book that he’d brought back with him.  She couldn’t wait and tonight that was one of her stories.  When I began to read it to her she quickly stopped me and said, ‘Mommy!  Bobble Chippey said he wants to hear me read some of it too!’  Red heart  She did help me and was pretty proud of herself.  She is really close to taking off reading, I just need to make more time for her to read to me. Trying to change that up right now.

Part of the decorations that BC uses each year are these fun little place mats we made in 2012 with her then 3yo little feet and hands.  Tonight as I made dinner (can a quick hot dog before running out to baton really be considered a meal???) I watched her as she carefully placed her hands and feet over those on the place mats to see how she’d grown.IMG_5918

When I came home from work tonight Hannah asked me how to spell Bobble Chippey.  I spelled it out and then later on saw that she’d drawn this picture for him at Ange’s.  Adorable!!!IMG_5916

Welcome back Bobble Chippey!  It’s hard to believe that this is already your 4th year visiting us!  (2011, 2012 and 2013 - final year of her little puffy pull-up butt!) Hannah is beyond excited that you are back and I know you and she will have lots of fun each morning as she looks to find you in your new hiding spot!


  1. Snowflake has returned. It is a love/hate relationship for me. Tate loves it and I think it is FUN. I just forget to move her. Have you done a free PNP video message for Hannah? It is so cute and fun.

    1. Oh Lisa, I understand!! Hannah is totally into it this year and it's such fun but stressful too! I keep a running list on my iPhone of places BC will hide this year so that I don't panic at 5am when I realize he hasn't moved yet! I'm also considering listing done excuses to give for the mornings he stayed in the same spot! I haven't done her PNP yet but need to soon as she enjoys that too! Merry Christmas friend!

  2. She did a great job on BC's portrait!

  3. I love those placemats! What a great idea.


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