Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas Entertainment at the Piano

Hannah is working so hard at her piano practices, lessons and playing this year yet she still knows how to have fun too.  As you can see by these pics…sometimes more fun is had than practice accomplished.

She can play with her toesphoto 2

and her chin! photo 1

Once she gets her sillies out we can normally proceed with a good practice.  We’re consistently practicing 5 days a week, most days before school and this is a much better time for both of us!

This little performance highlights not only my hard working little girl’s progress but also her fun, outgoing, adorable personality that I love so much!


  1. Oh I love this! What a fun little darling she is! Tell her her "audience" definitely enjoyed it! :) and Mama, you get bonus points for doing anything before school!! I'm impressed! We can barely drag ourselves out of bed, let alone do anything constructive. Ha!

  2. How sweet is she!! Only thing you might have an actress in the family as well as a piano player!

  3. She is such a graceful little thing! Merry Christmas right back, Hannah! I love how she corrected her mistakes herself - good ear. Of course, I loved the nose scratch, too.

    My girls started lessons 6 weeks ago. One is doing very well and I can always find her on the piano. Another is starting to get it and is starting to figure out that she's making music. The last always needs to be told to practice and she'll bang out a few notes and think she's done and doesn't realize she's not starting in the right place or hitting all the notes, much less the right ones. Surprisingly, this is my most musical child, always singing and always on pitch. Hopefully, she'll get it soon, too.


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