Friday, December 12, 2014

Adventures of Bobble Chippey 2014–Part I

Here is some of the fun that Bobble Chippey has been up to this year!

Hanging out on the frame of a canvas picture of HannahIMG_5970

Bobble Chippey got creative with the googly eyes and a SharpieIMG_5966

The day after the Santa Claus parade Bobble Chippey was found wearing Hannah’s antlers and trying his hand at twirling her baton.IMG_5953

Hanging out on the little Christmas tree.IMG_5923

This day Bobble Chippey was a tough little guy to find but she eventually found him peaking out of the pocket of her rain coat.IMG_5922

Waiting for the Christmas cards to begin arriving.  It’s a good thing he found this spot early in the month as cards have started to arrive and it would have been a bit more crowded in there!IMG_5920

Peeking outside watching it snow.IMG_5917

And finally posing with the portrait that Hannah created of BC.  I love the way she writes things right now.  If she runs out of room she just keeps on going around and around in circles.  Adorable!IMG_5915

I wonder what mischief this little guy will get up to in the next 12 days?  We sure are having fun with him again this year!


  1. That's a really good picture on the canvas! Did you take it?! I think the bananas are awesome--best elf mischief yet! Or, maybe 2nd best...I do remember the time BC decorated your tree with underwear! Ha!

    1. Don't you love that canvas pic MaLeah?!! It's one we took at Walmart last Christmas on the day of the big ice storm here. I'd totally forgotten that they even took it and then got a call in September saying we had a picture to pick up. I fell in love with it and learned how to mount a picture on canvas with decoupage. It's one of my favourites for sure! The gal had Hannah laying on her back on the floor to take it and then took it from above. Love it!!

      I had completely forgotten about the underwear in the tree! Oooo...that one's worth repeating and better yet...not too difficult for Bobble Chippey to pull off! Look for a repeat of that one in an upcoming post!

  2. Well the canvas is even cooler knowing you made it! How neat! Looking forward to seeing BC "decorate" your tree again! Ha!

  3. What fun! Our Elf Twinkle has really enjoyed taking Chloe's drawings of her to Santa too. Happy Holidays!

  4. stack 3 toilet rolls together and make a snowman. top one is the head, and tie ribbon around the join of the next one and then the bottom 2 are the body. And Norman left a message, Do you want to build a snowman. That's right up your Frozen girls alley.


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