Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Disney 2014, Day 7, Part I (Blizzard Beach)

(Friday, September 26, 2014)
On the Friday we changed things up a bit and went to Blizzard Beach for the day rather than go to a park.  What fun we had!!IMG_5178
Check out the beautiful blue sky in these pics!  Around noon we hopped out of the wave pool and got some lunch.  Unfortunately soon after that typical FL thunderstorm blew in and we were grounded. 
What do we do when waiting out a storm?  Why take on a challenge issued by Uncle Scott before we left.  We barely dented this beast but it was the same price as 2 cones and fulfilled the challenge to eat a ‘huge ice cream sundae!’  How’d we do Uncle Scott?photo-1
Once the storm passed the place was e-m-p-t-y since the delay was almost 2 hours long.*  We had such a great time riding slides over and over again without a moments wait!! 

Unfortunately the one thing that didn’t reopen was the ski lift to the top of the family tube slide which meant walking up over and over again.  Good for the legs though! IMG_5206
Hannah had a blast in the kids/tween area!  Check out my strong girl!  I saw some kids much older than Hannah struggling with the ice bergs.

Pardon the nasty hair and no makeup.  Just need to say how happy I was that we took a day away from the parks and enjoyed hanging out at Blizzard Beach!  We’ll do that again another year for sure!!IMG_5194
*Note:  I found out after we’d waited out the rain delay that since we’d been in the park less than 4 hours when they closed it for a rain delay we could have gone to Guest Services to request a rain check that would have been good for a year.  We stayed because I hated the thought of paying around $100 for only a couple of hours of play but in the end it was all good as we had the place to ourselves and had a couple of hours to sit, talk and hang out together. 


  1. Is this your 1st time trying one of the water parks? It looks fun! We've never been to any of the water parks at Disney, afraid to miss a day at the theme parks? How many days do you think you should be in town before trying a water park? How was it compared to the theme parks?

  2. Gymnastics really has an effect on Hannah. Look at that balance!


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