Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Disney 2014, Day 5, Part II (1900 Park Fare)

(Wednesday, Sept 24, 2014)
(Note:  Hannah and I came home the beginning of last week but I’m still catching up on posts…and laundry…and tidying the house and….)
Wednesday night Hannah and I went to one of our favourite places for supper ~ 1900 Park Fare at the Grand Floridian!  The characters there are a hoot and we laugh our way through our meal!  Speaking of the meal, we start and end ours with their fabulous cold strawberry soup.  Deeelicious!!  It appears that Pascal likes it too!  (You will hear Anastasia’s thoughts on Pascal later in this post.)IMG_5069
Visiting royalty included CinderellaIMG_5061
Prince CharmingIMG_5052
Lady TremaineIMG_5055
Anastasia and IMG_5058


I’m not sure this what Prince Charming had in mind when they said it was time for him to dance!
If you have an opportunity to dine at 1900 Pare Fare for supper – Go for it!!


  1. I love it! That is one restaurant we haven't hit yet in Disney. It's on my bucket list though! (My hubby is at a conference and staying at the Grand Floridian right now. Sadly, he isn't getting to do any Disney fun stuff at all! Too busy - boo!!!)

  2. Is there anything on this trip you would have had to do differently when Hannah was 3? Thanks!

    1. Yes, things were different when she was 3. I do need to say that my girl has always been tall for her age so at 3 she was 40". Add to that her outgoing personality and she was up for pretty much everything!

      Probably the best way to answer this though is to ask you to go bank to August/September 2012 archives in my sidebar to see what we did when she was 3!

      Hope this helps!


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