Sunday, October 05, 2014

Disney 2014, Day 5, Part I (Magic Kingdom)

(Wednesday, September 24, 2014)
Wednesday morning we woke up excited to spend a day sharing some time with my brother and his family as well as time for Hannah and I alone.  A perfect combination!IMG_5017 - Copy
We waited to eat breakfast in the Magic Kingdom this day and enjoyed a waffle with Nutella, strawberries and bananas. Mmm! What a beautiful location to start our day!IMG_5019
By this time in the trip Hannah and I were working the FP+ system well!  We’d use our 3 FPs early in the day and then see what we could do to book more.  This time and a couple of times later we scored extra FP+ reservations for ‘Seven Dwarfs Mine Train’!  IMG_5021We also learned to check for a FP+ reservation for a rides on our way to them.  It wasn’t unusual to score a FP for a less popular attraction on our way there only to arrive and find a 20 or 30 min line that we were able to avoid.  Bonus! 
One of the treats for Mommy with having other families to share time in the parks was I was able to ride some of the rides that I’m unable to when it’s just Hannah and I.  Here Dave and I rode ‘Big Thunder Mountain Railroad’ as Hannah wasn’t in the mood that day.  It was such fun to spend this time with my brother!IMG_5023
While we played Trish took the kids to visit the Fairy Godmother.Fairy Godmother, Hannah and Makenna
I think Kallen is in love!Fairy Godmother and Kallen
Last year when we went to Disney Sharon (aka Nana) was also there with her nephew Daniel and grandchildren Tor and Joshua.  We were sorry they weren’t there this year.  Daniel had visiting Disney for the very first time and fallen in love and since he couldn’t be with us we took him in ‘Flat Daniel’ form!IMG_5026
At this time, one of the girls’ most anticipated times of our trip had arrived – their visit with Anna and Elsa!!!Anna, Hannah and Makenna with braids
Elsa, Hannah and Makenna
Next up for Hannah and I was a delicious, fun dinner at 1900 Park Fare.  More on that in our next post.


  1. Love the Elsa dress--did you purchase it in DW?

  2. Makenna's was purchased at Disney but Hannah's beautiful dress Nana found at our local Target the day before we left!

  3. Look at how cute their expressions are as Elsa is signing their autograph books! So sweet! Are you able to do the extra FP+ reservations by mobile device now? Or did you have to go get in line at the kiosk each time for the extra ones?

    1. We went to a kiosk each time but never encountered a wait...just walked right up! The ones by Mickey's Philharmagic were often close to us and easy to use. We found it quite time saving if we were near one to check and see if any were available for rides we were on our way to!

    2. Only wish we'd thought to try this earlier in iur trip, especially at MK where there are so many options!

  4. Good idea Catherine! Thanks for the kiosk tip. We figured there was zero chance for any additional FP+ when we were there in May. Plus, the lines were sooooo long at all kiosks we encountered. I'm glad to hear that you didn't experience the long lines. We will give it a try next time! Maybe we will get lucky in March! Thanks as usual for your awesome Disney advice!


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