Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Disney 2014, Day 4, Part II (‘Ohana)

After a warm, wet day at Animal Kingdom we headed to the Polynesian Resort for supper at ‘Ohana.  This is a tough reservation to snag and I was looking forward to it from the time Trish was able to secure it for our group.

The 4 older kiddos in our group are all ages 5, 6 and 7 and they loved participating in the special activities.  At this point they had been taught how to hula IMG_5004and were now parading around the restaurant displaying their ‘hang loose’ symbols.  They were having a blast and we loved seeing their smiles!

I have not eaten supper at ‘Ohana for a number of years and was looking forward to it.  It was delicious! 

Noodles – yum!IMG_4998

Our servers also brought around skewers of meat that had been barbequed over large fire pits at the centre of the restaurant.IMG_4995

My favourites were the steak and shrimp.  I passed on the pork as I’m not a huge pork fan if it’s not in the form of bacon. Smile  Dessert was a delicious pineapple and coconut bread pudding with warm banana caramel sauce.  Mmm! 

After supper the kids participated in coconut races.  What a great opportunity for all of us to share time together with delicious food, entertainment and awesome company!  Our 4 amazing big kids!IMG_5006

When we hit the bus the kids all crashed!  This was common for Hannah as the only night she arrived back in our room awake was the night we arrived!  When my girl is tired, out she goes.  It’s wonderful!! 

Trish holding the girls while Dave and I got the strollers out of the bus and set them up.IMG_5010

Heh!  This is such a common sight while at Disney.  Parents carrying sleeping children back to their rooms after long, fun days in the parks!  I’ll just say that Paul got the easy part of this transport.  I call it ‘Parent Swap!’IMG_5012

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  1. Just wanted to say how much I enjoy your blog and especially your Disney trips. I am the adoptive mom of a four year old and I so enjoy seeing the fun things you and your daughter do together. Thank you for sharing! Becky


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