Friday, May 30, 2014

Hannah and the Chocolate Factory!

On our final day of fun in PA we hopped in the car and drove about 30 mins.  to visit the Hershey Chocolate Factory. IMG_3609 We really had no idea what to expect but wow…..we were all impressed!  We purchased the package that we felt would be fun for all 4 of us.  It included the Great Chocolate Mystery in 4D, Hershey’s Great American Chocolate Tour and , Create Your Own Candy Bar.

Our first event was the 4D movie.  It was very well done and reminded us of movies and their special effects at Disney.IMG_3611


When the movie was done it was our group’s turn to create our own candy bars.  What fun!!


After watching in introduction movie we went to video screens and designed our candy bars online.  We were able to choose the base chocolate, 3 fillings and weather or not we wanted sprinkles on our bar.IMG_3620

Next it was time to scan our cards again and then follow our candy bars as they travelled along the conveyer belt, dropping in our chosen ingredients.   Hannah chose a white chocolate base and Mommy, milk chocolate.

Time for a chocolate bath.

While the bars were cooling we each had an opportunity to design the cover for our candy bar.  After that we headed back to the end of the line to watch our bars come out and have them packaged.

Making our own candy bars was such a neat activity and we had such fun!!IMG_3634


Our final activity was the chocolate tour.  The design of the ride reminded us of the Figment ride at Epcot.  It was neat to see all the steps that go into creating chocolate bars.IMG_3638

If you’re ever in the Hershey or Lancaster, PA area be sure to take time to visit the Chocolate Factory!!

Almost 20 years ago I began babysitting for friends Deb and Scott.  I’m not really sure how the tradition began but somehow the tradition of Scott and I taking chocolate home for the other each time we travel began.  We’ve both teased that the family many not receive souvenirs from all of our trips but neither of us would ever think of arriving home without chocolate for the other.  Heh!  Here is Hannah sharing the giant bar we bought for Uncle Scott.IMG_3643

Hannah giving Uncle Scott his chocolate bar the following week at church.  And yes, more chocolate than we care to admit has been consumed in church while waiting for the service to start!!IMG_3655

It’s worth the drive to Hershey!


  1. I always wondered what the Hershey Factory would be like. Before you concocted your bar what was your favorite Hershey's chocolate?

    1. My 'go to' Hershey bar is milk chocolate with almonds. That's still my favourite and the one I bought at the factory too!

    2. Mine too. Trader Joes has a HUGE milk chocolate bar with almonds and it takes a tremendous amount of willpower to not sit and slowly eat the entire bar. It is not Hersheys but the combination of milk chocolate and almonds is the draw.

    3. Mmm! Good to know! Sadly Trader Joes is another store that we do not have in Canada and I've only visited them in the US a few times. Your encouragement of the milk chocolate bar with almonds will have me looking for a TJ's next time we cross the border!

  2. What a neat experience! It'll be a 'must do' for us if we are ever in the area!

  3. We so miss our connections back in PA, we lived about 30 minutes from Hershey. Our favorite though is Lititz, Wilbur Buds. You ill have to check them out, we were only bout 5 minutes from their factory, which could have tempted our decisions lol. Thanks for shring your adventures. Hunter is coming home in a week and bringing some buds with him.

    1. Another chocolate to try! Well yes! Next time I'll look for those too! You can never go wrong trying out more chocolate!!

  4. Wow! What fun :) When I went with my family like 15 years ago, there was no make your own bar or 4D experience. Tell me, does it still smell like Chocolate outside though from the cocoa wood chips? Ohhhh yummy!

    1. It DID smell like chocolate but I had no idea there might be cocoa wood chips. That would make sense! Mmmm....I can smell it again now!


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