Monday, May 19, 2014

Sight & Sound Theatre, Lancaster, PA

Friday Nana worked half a day then we drove 2 hours further into PA to Lancaster.  Truly, this was our destination of choice this trip and we were not disappointed!!

The day we found out we were going to Lancaster we’d tried to get tickets for ‘Moses’ at the ‘Sight &  Sound Theatre’ but it was sold out.  Sharon continued to try often even though I’d given up on finding something.  She called me early last Saturday morning to say that the Friday night show had changed from ‘Sold Out’ to ‘Call Only.’  There was hope!  I called them at 8:30 on the Saturday morning expecting to find out the hours that their box office opened and was surprised to find out that the box office was already open and…they had 4 seats!  We were super excited even though truly we had no idea what to expect except that friends who had been there had raved about it!   I tell you, we were not disappointed!!  We arrived early so had an opportunity to take pictures without others around.IMG_3559

We picked up our tickets then shared supper of hot dogs and chips.   We just needed a little something before the show began and it hit the spot!IMG_3571

When we went into the theater we were wonderfully surprised that our seats were in the front section of the theater and even on an aisle!  They were perfect!  We were surrounded by bus tours so our guess is that a bus cancelled there reservation the week before the show as it opened up seats for ourselves and those around us.  IMG_3563

The theater is HUGE with a 300’ wrap-around stage and it seats more than 2,000 people at each performance.  The musical show was amazing and is performed up to 3 times a day!  Wow!  We loved being right on the aisle as live animals walked, jumped and ran right by us including sheep, goats, horses and even camels!!   A few parts were a little intense for Hannah but she’d hop into my lap at those moments and then she was okay as the story progressed.IMG_3561

When I think of the story of Moses I can’t help but think of the similarities of his beginnings and Hannah’s.  When I was praying about Hannah’s adoption I met with my pastor and he shared with me the story of Moses who was found and  raised by a single Mom.  That has never left me and places the story of Moses  in a special place in my heart.

If you’re ever in the Lancaster area I highly recommend going to see whatever show is playing in the Sight & Sound Theatre!!IMG_3568


  1. I've never heard of this theatre, but will definitely have to look it up for our next short get-away. Sounds like a great performance--do you know how long it is showing at this theatre?

  2. Your pastor sounds like a wise man. I love the Moses connection! I'll have to put Hershey on my list, now that you have an itinerary I can copy!

  3. I love reading about the adventures you have together. You are so fortunate to have so many opportunities to do so much travel. Travelling = happy family memories, I say.

  4. Sounds like an awesome show, glad you got in and glad you enjoyed it (and I can't believe that theater has live animals -- how cool).

  5. Marin loves live shows! He'd really like this! Live animals?! How fun! I am so glad you got to go on this trip & make some special memories!


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