Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A Perfect Mother’s Day from Start to End!

Hannah woke me up Sunday morning with a sweet ‘Happy Mother’s Day!’

She ran downstairs and brought her card and gift back up to our room.  Check out this amazing envelope and card she decorated for me!!  After piano practice Saturday she spent quite a bit of time in the basement.  I had no idea there were so many stickers in my teaching box!!IMG_1063

My girlie, proud of her handiwork.  And so should she!IMG_1061

After church we went to Nana and Papa’s for lunch.  Hannah made these cute little lists for Grandma and Nana.IMG_3468

Happy Mother’s Day Nana!IMG_3487

At supper we met my parents for our annual Mother’s Day dinner.  There were just 4 of us this year but we had a wonderful time together!



Hannah and Grandpa both love cherries.   We enjoyed dessert at a local yogurt shop.  She teased him that she was going to share one….nope!IMG_3506

Hannah and I shared an absolutely amazing day together!  Oh how I love my girl and cannot thank God enough for allowing me to be the Mom of the most amazing little girl in the entire world!!!Mother's Day 2014


I love you Hannah XiaoFen!!!  xoxoxoIMG_3491


  1. Happy Mothers Day! You are such a great example to me. I am so happy that you got to be Hannah's mom. What a blessing!

  2. Happy Mother's Day, Catherine! You are one wonderful mommy!

  3. Belated Happy Mother's Day. We are definitely very blessed with our beautiful little girls.

  4. Belated Happy Mother's Day! We are definitely so blessed with our beautiful little girls. Can't wait for our next play date when the weather is warmer and we can take the girls to our new splash pad.

  5. What a wonderful day :) Happy Belated Mother's Day!


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