Monday, June 02, 2014

April Wrap-up

I realized that I didn’t do an April wrap-up post to capture the bits and pieces of our month so for our memory book sake I want to do that.

We started the month with a fun day out with my brother and his family at a local bowling alley.  Bowling is neat as the entire family can participate and we have a great time together!  This time the older cousins were busy but the ‘littles’ had lots of fun!

Princess Hannah and Princess Makenna.  Bowling is always better when dressed as Rapunzel!



In April Hannah also finished colouring her Pluto pillow case that she started on our cruise.  She did so well!IMG_3146

My niece Rebecca goes to my old high school and I went to see her in her first musical.  She did great!!  Unfortunately I didn’t get any pics as I couldn’t take any during the show but I was so proud of her!!  While we were waiting to go in to the theatre I spotted my high school grad photo from a bunch of years ago.  LOL!  Check out that big 80’s hair and yikes, teenage skin.  Ick!!IMG_3147 - Copy

Hannah enjoys making breakfast for us and mixing various cereals together.  I think this day she felt she was feeding the neighbourhood with her bowl of cereal!  Needless to say much of it was flushed that morning.IMG_3156

Crocus.  First flowers of the season.IMG_3169

Spontaneous park play with special friends who are like family!IMG_3181


Waiting to see the doctor for her 4yo wellness check-up.  Can you tell she’s comfy going to the doctor? SmileIMG_3200

Hannah’s first homework ever was an optional math contest she could participate in.  I was surprised at the complexity of it considering it was for Junior and Senior Kindergarten students.  She did great though!!  So excited to see my girl growing and learning!IMG_3201

Hannah attended her friend Charlotte’s 5th Birthday party.  Charlotte is the sweet girl in the centre of the pic with purple crown and wine dress.  Happy 5th Birthday Charlotte!IMG_3442

Our final April pic is Hannah hanging out with Joshua after lunch at Nana and Papa’s house one Sunday.  We thoroughly enjoy our lunches together each Sunday!IMG_3448

April is gone and now May is behind us too!  I’ll get May’s wrap-up post up soon.


  1. Love the high school photo. I think we all had a similar hairstyle at one point in our school years.

  2. Wow! I never was able to get my hair that high even though I tried! LOL
    I did have some big bangs though!

  3. I am stealing those pictures of our kiddos. Hope you don't mind! xoxo

  4. Love seeing Hannah with the Two Kayaks sweeties! :) Also love seeing your high school photo! You had a busy April! Oh - and bowling is much better with a princess dress on!

  5. What a busy fun fun fun month!
    My nieces love their Disney Princess dresses as well. One would live in them if she could :) (okay, probably all three of them would ;) )


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